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Cosmetic 360

SiliCycle attends Cosmetic 360 in Paris (France)
October 18 - 19, 2017

Carrousel du Louvre,

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in silica: the science of silica microspheres for the cosmetic industry

in silica™ : the science of silica microspheres

SiliCycle's chemists have shown that the sequestration in a silica microsphere can extend the desorption duration of a volatile, protect from degradation a sensitive active and facilitate the formulation of a difficult ingredient.

in silica™ aims to develop cosmetic applications from that technology.

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More about SiliCycle

At SiliCycle, we are at the forefront of the chromatography industry, owing to the extraordinary purity of our silica gels and polymeric sorbents, combined with our capacity to rapidly adapt our products to meet the specific requirements of scientists worldwide.

We offer a wide variety of first-rate UltraPure products. Our automated manufacturing process, which includes acid washing and multiple analyses, is continuously optimized to ensure high purity and a low percentage of fine particles, thereby guaranteeing optimal performance. With our multi-ton manufacturing capacity, we are your partner of choice for all your analysis, metal removal, catalysis, synthesis, and purification requirements.

We lead the way in offering innovative products such as:


Cosmetic 360

Cosmetic 360

International exhibition dedicated to innovations and solutions for the perfumery & cosmetics industry. Ingredients, formulations, packaging, tests, finished products... will amaze you with technologies, processes, concepts & services.

Cosmetic 360 is an opportunity to discover and promote innovation across all facets of the cosmetics and fragrances industry: Raw materials, Formulation, Packaging, Tests and Analysis, Finished products, Distribution, etc.

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