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E-PAK Commercial Scale Cartridges

E-PAK commercial scale cartridge

To meet commercial processing requirements, E-PAK cartridges can be operated in parallel for increased capacity.

E-PAK cartridges provide rapid processing for manufacturing operations needing to process batch sizes of > 10,000 liters or can be adapted for continuous operation using a duplex design.

For applications where precious metal catalyst recovery is an important consideration E-PAK cartridges can be thoroughly flushed with a low volume of solvent followed by water and a final blow down with nitrogen. All the materials E-PAK are combustible producing a low ash residue suitable for processing to recover precious metals.

Sorbent Active Adsorbent Available Sizes Approximated Media Weight
Thiol SiliaMetS Thiol
16.5 cm Diameter

  • 50 cm High
  • 100 cm High
  • 50 cm: 5 kg
  • 100 cm: 10 kg
C-941 Carbon-Wood
Acid Activated
  • 50 cm: 3.4 kg
  • 100 cm: 6.8 kg
C-944 Carbon-Coal
Steam Activated
C-947 Carbon-Wood
Acid Activated
C-948 Carbon-Wood
Acid Activated


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Scheme of typical use of a commercial scale E-PAK cartridge

Scheme of typical use of a commercial scale E-PAK cartridge