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Hydrosilylation Using SiliaCat Pt0

Hydrosilylation reactions (or catalytic hydrosilation) are a widely used method to prepare organosilicon products. The reaction consists of the addition of Si-H bonds on unsaturated bonds like alkenes, alkynes or ketones, where catalysts are often required (usually H2PtCl6). SiliaCat Pt0 can be used for hydrosilylation reactions. Some examples are shown to the right



Solvent Effect
22 / 60
88 / 99 98 / 99
22 / 60
100 / 100 97 / 98
22 / 60
95 / 98 56 / 83
5 / 24
47 / 80 96 / 96
22 / 60
94 / 100
93 / 81


Hydrosilylation Typical Experimental Procedure

Conventional Experimental Conditions

Reaction - A 100 ml two neck dry round bottom flask equipped with a condenser and a rubber septum is filled with 1 mol % SiliaCat Pt0 and was degassed two times for 15 minutes kept under argon conditions. The anhydrous solvent, the silane (95% pure) and the olefin (previously degassed for 15 minutes under argon) were added using a syringe. The reaction mixture was either stirred at room temperature or heated at 60°C until the GC/MS analysis showed maximum conversion

Work-up - Once the reaction is complete the catalyst was filtered off and washed with toluene. The filtrate was concentrated to give a crude product. The conversion in the desired product was determined by GC/MS.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all manipulations were carried out under argon conditions. In general, reactions were performed on a 2 mmol scale in 15 ml anhydrous toluene.

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  1. SiliaCat DPP-Pd heterogeneous catalyst

    SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts DPP-Pd

    The significant costs associated with precious metal catalysts and their undesired tendency to remain in organic products has generated interest for an increase in reactivity and ways to recover and reuse these metals. SiliaCat DPP-Pd is a unique diphenylphosphine palladium (II) heterogeneous catalysts made from a leach-resistant organoceramic matrix.
  2. SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts TEMPO

    SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts TEMPO

    SiliaCat® TEMPO is a heterogeneous catalyst/reagent made from a proprietary class of organosilica-entrapped radicals suitable for the selective oxidation of delicate substrates into valued carbonyl derivatives.

  3. SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts Pd0

    SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts Pd0

    SiliaCat Pd0 is a new series of patent-protected sol–gel-entrapped Pd nanocatalysts. It is made from highly dispersed Pd nanoparticles (uniformly in the range 4.0–6.0 nm) encapsulated within an organosilica matrix.
  4. SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts Pt0

    SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts Pt0

    SiliaCat Pt0 is made of organosilica physically doped with nanostructured platinum (0), and is both stable and efficient. This catalyst was successfully prepared by a novel and simple sol-gel route.
  5. SiliaCat® complete heterogeneous catalysts kit

    SiliaCat® complete heterogeneous catalysts kit

    Containing : SiliaCat DPP - Pd, Pd0, Pt0 and TEMPO

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