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SiliaCat®- Features and Benefits


Features & Benefits of SiliaCat Heterogeneous Catalysts
Features Benefits
Inertness within entrapped molecules High conversion and yield
Reagent concentrated at the surface of the material Reliable and reproducible synthesis
Robustness High thermal and mechanical stabilities
Rigid and porous structure No swelling, solvent independent and air stable
Conditions do not have to be inert
Fast Kinetic No contamination of APIs
Leach-proof organoceramic matrix Less catalyst required over competitive products
High and accurate catalyst loading Catalytic amount (< 1 mol %)
High turnover number (TON) Multi-uses possible
Reusability Free flowing, no static charge
Easily removed by simple filtration
Ease of handling and purification Scalable from mg up to multi-ton scale
Ease of scalability Amenable to use in SiliaSep & SiliaPrep Cartridges
Flexible formats Consistent and accurate loading insure lot-to-lot reproducibility
Available in bulk quantities Can be delivered in large quantities and always in stock

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  1. SiliaCat DPP-Pd heterogeneous catalyst

    SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts DPP-Pd

    The significant costs associated with precious metal catalysts and their undesired tendency to remain in organic products has generated interest for an increase in reactivity and ways to recover and reuse these metals. SiliaCat DPP-Pd is a unique diphenylphosphine palladium (II) heterogeneous catalysts made from a leach-resistant organoceramic matrix.
  2. SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts TEMPO

    SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts TEMPO

    SiliaCat® TEMPO is a heterogeneous catalyst/reagent made from a proprietary class of organosilica-entrapped radicals suitable for the selective oxidation of delicate substrates into valued carbonyl derivatives.

  3. SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts Pd0

    SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts Pd0

    SiliaCat Pd0 is a new series of patent-protected sol–gel-entrapped Pd nanocatalysts. It is made from highly dispersed Pd nanoparticles (uniformly in the range 4.0–6.0 nm) encapsulated within an organosilica matrix.
  4. SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts Pt0

    SiliaCat® Heterogeneous Catalysts Pt0

    SiliaCat Pt0 is made of organosilica physically doped with nanostructured platinum (0), and is both stable and efficient. This catalyst was successfully prepared by a novel and simple sol-gel route.
  5. SiliaCat® complete heterogeneous catalysts kit

    SiliaCat® complete heterogeneous catalysts kit

    Containing : SiliaCat DPP - Pd, Pd0, Pt0 and TEMPO

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