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SiliCycle Sample Preparation Solutions

With SiliaPrep SPE cartridges & well plates and SiliaQuick QuEChERS, SiliCycle offers rapid, economic and efficient solutions for sample preparation prior to chromatographic analysis.


SiliaPrep & SiliaPrepX SPE Cartridges & Well Plates

Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is a technique designed for rapid sample preparation and purification prior chromatographic analysis. You can optimize your SPE protocols by using SiliCycle silica-based SiliaPrep™ or polymeric SiliaPrepX™ SPE solutions. We offer 3 different formats:

  • standard cartridges, ranging from 1 mL to 25 mL with bed weights from 30 mg to 5 g
  • 48 and 96 well-plates in 1 mL and 2 mL
  • mini-SPE cartridges, used with a syringe, packed with 300 mg to 1 g of sorbent

All the usual reversed-phases, normal phases and ion-exchange phases sorbents are available from SiliCycle, but we also offer specialty phases for your more challenging projects. For example, we can pack all our Metal Scavengers SiliaMetS in SPE cartridges!

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SiliaPrep Tips Micro-SPE Cartridges

SiliaPrep Tips Micro-SPE Cartridges are designed for micro-purification and micro-extraction of femtomole (fmol) to picomole (pmol) quantities of analytes prior to the analysis by chromatographic techniques and/or mass spectrometry. These Tips are available in 3 different cartridge formats, ranging from 10 µL/30 µg to 200 µL/400 µg. As sorbents are directly embedded on inner cartridge wall, the risk of contamination is really low. With SiliaPrep Tips Micro-SPE Cartridges achieve simple and fast analyte retention & elution, with minimal loss.

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SiliaQuick QuEChERS

Using SiliaQuick QuEChERS ensures the following benefits:

  • Clean extracts from pure products.
  • High recovery and lot-to-lot reproducibility.
  • Great variety of QuEChERS to cover the full spectrum of food applications.
  • Reduction of analysis cost.

SiliaQuick QuEChERS for Pesticide Residue Analysis

The QuEChERS technique was developed in 2003 by USDA scientists to simplify and accelerate the analysis of pesticides in various fruit and vegetable samples. The name QuEChERS is formed by an acronym of the properties that are observed with this technique: Quick, Easy, Cheap Effective, Rugged and Safe.

The QuEChERS method has gained in popularity to become the most valuable alternative for the determination of traces of analytes in a high throughput environment. Presently, scientists have expanded the use of this method to the analysis of a vast array of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other compounds present in all food and beverage matrices.

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