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SiliaMetS® DEAM

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SiliaMetS® DEAM

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Product Number Particle Size Pore Size Quantity  
R54430B-5g 40-63 µm / 230-400 mesh 60 Å 5 g

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R54430B-10g 40-63 µm / 230-400 mesh 60 Å 10 g

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R54430B-25g 40-63 µm / 230-400 mesh 60 Å 25 g

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Product Description



  • Details

    SiliaMetS DEAM:  Your last step toward uncompromised purity
    Effectively eliminates trace metals and boronic acids from products

    SiliaMetS DEAM is a versatile scavenger designed to remove trace metal or boronic acids from reaction intermediates or final APIs. 

    Scavengers are our class of functionalized silica that exhibit ability to bond (that is, to “scavenge”) various metal compounds or organic molecules dissolve in solution. In organic chemistry, formation of new bonds is of utmost importance and for this to be achieved, cross-coupling reactions are among the most important processes.
    Initially these reactions used simple Pd-catalysts. However, the need to carry out more challenging coupling reactions has resulted in the development of more advanced catalysts and the use of many different metals.

    Our SiliaMetS DEAM is your best choice for the scavenging of Titanium (Ti), and is also very powerful for Zinc (Zn), Iron (Fe) and Silver (Ag). Apart from the pharmaceutical industry, metal scavengers such as DEAM can be used in many other industries that need to recover low levels of precious metals, such as mining, refining, manufacturing, etc.

    SiliaMetS DEAM is a very versatile scavenger, as it is dual-purpose:  it also is a highly effective tool to remove excess boronic acids from non-aqueous solutions. Boronic acids are widely used in organic synthesis and for a vast range of biological, medicinal and synthetic applications, particularly Suzuki coupling reactions.

    Our SiliaMetS DEAM is the first DEAM-silica supported on the market, and is produced in large scale in our state-of-the-art facilities.


    Scheme 1. Scavenging of a boronic acid using Si-DEAM

    Table 1

    Scavenging activity for metals by SiliaMetS DEAM




    Scavenging Efficiency




    74 %




    96 %




    96 %




    92 %




    88 %

    Table 2

    Scavenging activity for phenyl boronic acid  by SiliaMetS DEAM for 1h
    at room temperature

    Nb of eq.

    Scavenging Efficiency


    ˃ 85 %


    ˃ 99 %

    Table 3

    Typical Reaction Applications for SiliaMetS DEAM
    in order to remove catalyst:


    Catalyst to be scavenged

    Suzuki coupling

    boronic acid

    Lewis Acids

    TiCl4 & alkoxide derivatives

    Sakuraï reaction


    Mukayama-Aldol reation

    Knoevenagel condensation

    Reductive alkylation of 1st to 2nd amines


    Reductive amination of enolizable carbonyls

  • Additional Information

    Array DEAM
    Family / Formats SiliaMetS® (Metal Scavengers)
    Endcapping Endcapped
    Storage Condition Keep dry under Argon
    Solvent Compatibility All organic solvents
    Typical Tap Density 679 g/L
    Molecular Loading 0.85 mmol/g
    Color Off-white
    Iron (Fe) Preferred Scavengers
    Silver (Ag) Preferred Scavengers
    Titanium (Ti) Preferred Scavengers
    Tin (Sn) Preferred Scavengers
    Zinc (Zn) Preferred Scavengers
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