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SiliaPrep 96 Well Plate Florisil PR, 150 - 250 µm (96W-AUT-0015)

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SiliaPrep 96 Well Plate Florisil PR, 150 - 250 µm, 100 Å (96W-AUT-0015)

Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaPrep Florisil is a polar sorbent presenting basic character used to extract non-polar to moderate polar compounds from non-polar solvents. This sorbent contain magnesium ion which allows retention for chlorinated pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyl and polysaccharides.
  • Additional Information

    Array Florisil
    Particle Shape Irregular
    Family / Formats SiliaPrep™ (SPE Cartridges)
    Particle Size 150 - 250 µm