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Informex 2016

February 2-4, 2016
Morial Convention Center New Orleans, LA (USA)

Meet SiliCycle at Informex 2016!

For the next 3 days our representatives will be available to introduce our products and services, and answer your questions.
Please contact us if you wish to arrange a meeting!

It's also the opportunity for us to introduce SiliCycle's scavenging products:
SiliaMetS metal scavengers and SiliaBond organic scavengers.

At SiliCycle, silica gels are functionalized with various molecules featuring remarkable scavenging properties toward different metals and/or organics.

This new technology combines the benefits of century-old purification techniques, while integrating new assets that are becoming more and more critical in modern industries. New purification procedures need to be more sensitive, more efficient, quicker and greener.

Feel like interested?

At SiliCycle, we are at the forefront of the chromatography industry, owing to the extraordinary purity of our silica gels and polymeric sorbents, combined with our capacity to rapidly adapt our products to meet the specific requirements of scientists worldwide.

We offer a wide variety of first-rate UltraPure products. Our automated manufacturing process, which includes acid washing and multiple analyses, is continuously optimized to ensure high purity and a low percentage of fine particles, thereby guaranteeing optimal performance. With our multi-ton manufacturing capacity, we are your partner of choice for all your analysis, metal removal, catalysis, synthesis, and purification requirements.

We lead the way in offering innovative products such as:

InformEx is a dynamic event held to build partnerships among buyers and sellers of fine and specialty chemicals—the only show of its kind in the US. The three-day event is returning to New Orleans, LA, USA from February 2-4, 2016, and will once again foster profitable partnerships and innovation in the high-value chemical industry.

InformEx is uniquely positioned to help chemical companies transform into science and technology companies. The innovation-focused show is aimed at building a global network of customers, suppliers, and colleagues in some of the most rapidly growing chemical markets, including medical devices, agrochemistry, biopharma and green chemistry.

For more than 30 years, InformEx has brought together decision makers and thought leaders to interact and drive growth in the marketplace. Don’t miss your chance to get involved in the 2016 event!