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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by Analytical Labs users. You may also share your satisfaction with us!

Analytical Labs

“We use SiliCycle silica for our entire line of HPLC columns. Good quality silica with good price allows to succeed in our business.”
[Yury Zelechonok, SIELC]

“We are using columns of this company, they are great. That is why we switched to this company.”
[Salim Javed, KU chemistry department]

“I am working with a major pharmaceutical company and the scientists all like the product so much they are converting to SiliCycle from other suppliers on Flash products.”
[Jason Arnold, Fisher Scientific]

“I was a buyer for our company and always very pleased with the quality and on-time delivery of your products (Functionalized Silica Gels). This made you a reliable buy when our labs needed materials.”
[Joe Stachewicz, Sigma-Aldrich]

“We are located in the US and when we are provided with a estimated delivery time, we can schedule our jobs with ease as each delivery has always been on time.”
[Jacquelyn Johnson, Buchi Corporation]

“A customer was using Merck TLC for several years but he wanted to change. I suggested the SiliaPlate, he has tried, he has been satisfied and he'll make an order. Surely the compromise between my ability to find the customer and price/quality ratio of this SiliCycle product have allowed a great success.”
[Alessandro Scianca, Alfatech Spa]