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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by BioPharma users. You may also share your satisfaction with us!


“I successfully used three of your products to produce a library of 69 compounds. The product I used where SiliaCat Dpp-Pd to perform microwave Suzuki couplings which achieved product formation in better yield in less time. I also used Si-Carbonate to free base a trifluoroacetic acid salt and then purified each compound on SiliaFlash cartridges. Each of these products were reliable, work as advertised and exceeded my expectations. The chemistry conditions I developed using your SiliaCat Dpp-Pd catalyst are now being used by the customer of the library and I continue to use. I am currently making another library and your products are again helping me perform my job better producing a high quality product that our customer is now coming back to us specifically. Thanks Silicycle--Keep up the good work.”
[Kirk Olson, Cayman Chemical]

“Chromatographic performance is good and robust.”
[Eric Fang, Novartis]

“SiliCycle's XL columns allowed us to cut down purification time on several of our large scale projects, letting us accomplish in one day a purification that used to take several days, increasing yield of an unstable product.”
[Joseph Colombo, Cayman Chemical]

“Using analytical column we received good resolution for polar molecules.”
[PRAMOD KUMAR R, Nektar Therapeutics India Pvt Ltd]

“I had a difficult time purifying a compound having a basic center by the conventional chromatography on silica gel. Then, I could purify the compound quickly and cleanly with the SiliaPrep SCX catridge.”
[Sangdon Han, Ph.D., Arena Pharmaceuticals]

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“Used scavenger to quench smelly thiol reagents. Thanks.”
[Vatee Pattaropong, Amgen]

“I was purifying 6 grams of material and was able to achieve good separation using a 120 gram column with a 30 minute method. Whereas before I had to do six 1 gram runs on the prep HPLC.”
[Mandy Loo, Theravance Inc]

“Great separation products, methods, and support.”
[Michael Jen, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company]

“Great use of Pd scavanger.”
[James Reif, Cephalon, Inc.]

“I routinely use the SiliCycle flash chromatography columns. After a difficult purification upon which recrystallization continued to give me a byproduct I was able to separate the two using your 40g column. This save me an entire afternoon of attempting different solvents for the recrystallization. Thank you.”
[Kerry Zobel, Genentech]

“I split a sample and purified half on a SiliCycle flash cartridge and the other half on a biotage catridge. I got a better separation and peak shape on the SiliCycle cartridge.”
[Patrick Bureau, Aegera Therapeutics]

“I have used SiliCycle columns in the past and have had great results with tough separations that wouldn't work as well on the isco gold columns separating really polar compounds.”
[Rick Lee, Gilead Sciences]

“Very good quality of silica gel.”
[Yali He, GTx, Inc.]

“We had a horrible time trying to remove PPh3O from a reaction. On large scale, it took us 3 days per 30g to remove it. Once we tried the resin bound PPh3, we just filtered and flashed. Well worth the price for the time it saved and worth double for the headaches it saved.”
[Daniel Byun, Gilead Sciences]

“Co-spot on TLC with all solvent systems, use of HP column gave ~5 min resolution between peaks in 20 min run.”
[Steve Staben, Genentech]

“I was able to separate two very close diastereomers that were inseparable using reverse phase HPLC.”
[Jeff Warrington, Cytokinetics]