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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by CRO users. You may also share your satisfaction with us!


“We've used SiliCycle metal scavengers may times with success. In one application, Silicycle's product was more effective than a competitor's for Pd removal. Naturally, we used the SiliCycle product for this project (with high success!).”
[Joe Miller, Pharmacore]

“We had tried several other brands of silica gel that were not working on an important step of a key project. Fortunately, SiliCycle silica gel worked like a champ and allowed us to continue on with the project. We have used SiliCycle ever since.”
[Jason Fink, Chemtos]

“A final product, with tight specs on Palladium content: Washing, chromatography, crystallization, nothing got down to <10ppm. One treatment with SiliCycle thiol scavenger for heavy metals and (with quantitative yield) we had palladium-free product!”
[Jared Nelson, PharmAgra Labs]

“Using SiliCycle pharma-grade silica gel in my postdoctoral lab, we were able to separate very tricky mixtures, such as E/Z olefin isomers of trienes, and closely related alcohols (sec vs. tert). The TLC plates showed fantastic reproducibility to the gel-packed columns.”
[Michael Tarselli, PharmAgra Labs]

[APPANNA.SADASHIVANNANAVAR, Syngene International Ltd]

More CRO Testimonials


“SiliCycle has been able to repeatedly come through and produce high quality semi-prep HPLC columns (50+ mm ID) for several different projects that we have done. The prices have by far been the best and the quality is as good as any other brand we have routinely used. The one down side is the larger lead times to get these columns. The sales rep has always worked with me to improve these times as much as possible. For many of these projects prices is not the driving force, the timing is.”
[Jason Blanchard, Ricerca Biosciences]

“Switching from the comparable Fisher brand silica gel to the SiliCycle product allowed for separation of overlapping products. The uniform size of the silica along with great pricing allow us to routinely purify our organic compounds.”
[Garrett Parker, Ricerca Biosciences]

“Pd scavenging resins help us get a compound within specifications for release. The final step of synthesis was a Suzuki reaction, and we needed to get Pd level down below 100 ppm.”
[Tan Quach, Dalton Pharma Services]

“Raw product obtained from Suzuki coupling contain >4000 ppm palladium. In order to lower the palladium content below 500ppm, we used your product SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers R51030B. procedure: solve the product in toluene, add 0.5eq. weight of R51030B and refluxed the mixture for 1 hour. After workup, the palladium content is 139 ppm and meet the requirement of the project.”
[linyuanzhi, WUXIAPPTEC Shanghai]

“Several years ago we had a process being used that provided material that required silica gel chromatography. The separation required for the purification of this material was difficult and we had problems with silica gel that was of consistent quality. We tried several suppliers for the silica gel and found that SiliCycle's silica gel performed very well and was of a consistently high quality. Since that time we have used SiliCycle as our primary supplier of silica gel and have never had an issue with Quality or supply.”
[Dustin Cefalo, Frontier Scientific, Inc.]

“We have successfully used SiliaMetS si-thiol scavenger to reduce the Pd level of a vey important API!”
[J Swaroop Mathen, PharmaCore]

“Great separation of hard-to-resolve compounds.”
[Jennifer Freeman, Scynexis, INC]