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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by Environment users. You may also share your satisfaction with us!


“Have shown success in identifying potential step changing applications.”
[Kailas Sawant, Nalco Company]

“We had been getting diol cartridges (with smaller particle size) from another company and when we ran out a while back the other company couldn't provide the cartridges to us quickly enough so we contacted SiliCycle and got them in about a week. The beauty is that although the SiliCycle cartridges were bigger particle size, they performed as good if not better than the smaller particle size (and more expensive) competitor's cartridges.”
[Chris Cook, Syngenta]

“There is one compound with a mixture of isomers that can only be separated on your cyclohexyl HPLC column.”
[David Hunt, Syngenta]

“Polar metabolites separation is very challenging. Using SlicaChrom, dt C18 in normal phase solved the problem.”
[Huns Nejad, BASF]