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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by Pharma - Drug Development users. You may also share your satisfaction with us!

Pharma – Drug Development

“Several of my teams have successfully employed SiliCycle resins to scavenge metals from APIs. The fact that these scavengers work so well allow us to employ Pd-catalyzed cross couplings as final steps in API synthetic sequences confidently, knowing that we will likely be able to reduce transition metal contamination to acceptable levels in the final drug substance.”
[Akin Davulcu, Bristol-Myers Squibb]

“I synthesized a product and the purity was not acceptable. I wasn't able to upgrade the purity no matter what changes I made to my synthetic procedure. The retention times of impurities were pretty close to the product. Using Siliasep C18 flash cartridges, I could successfully purify my product to >97% purity.”
[Rachna, Cedarburg Hauser Pharmaceuticals]

“We used SiliCycle products to scavenge metal out of a pharmaceutical product. Reduced from 400ppm to less than 10ppm. Supplied procedure worked well. Final campaigned used 4 kg of SiliCycle scavenger.”
[Christopher Levins, Covidien]

“Our team was in the process of producing several kilograms of API for an early clinical trial. The Suzuki coupling in the penultimate step left us with approximately 1000ppm of palladium metal contamination. Multiple aqueous cysteine washes were only able to reduce the metal content to approximately 500ppm. However, treatment with SiliaMetS Thiourea was able get us down to less than 10ppm and we were able to make the API delivery.”
[Jeremiah Powers, GlaxoSmithKline]

“I conducted a side by side comparison of your product (1.6kg cartridge) and ISCO product to purify one of my compounds. Your column performed much better than ISCO column. Gave me good separation. Thanks.”
[Yan Jin, Merck]

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“I needed to produce a degradation product of one of our API's for a safety study. I had synthesized the deg, but there were three different isomers that formed and I only needed one. I had tried using Isco's Flash cartridges to separate the isomers using Flash chromatography, but I did not have any success. I ordered the SiliCycle SAX flash cartridge to give it a try before switching to something else and it gave me the resolution needed to separate my compounds. As well, the column cost about 1/3 less than the Isco column.”
[Justin Lygrisse, Novartis]

“SiliaMetS Thiol was used to scavenge a metal from our process stream to bring the concentration down to an acceptable level by ICH guidelines in a final drug substance to administer in clinical trials.”
[Andrew Cosbie, Amgen]

“SiliaMetS DMT, a metal scavenger, is currently being ordered/used in a phase 1 campaign.”
[Jack Lu, Novartis]

“I used SCX9--3um, and 5um) column to develop a very complicated deg method, it was very successful. Thanks.”
[Chengyong Wang, Novartis]

“Needed to remove Pd and dark color from Pd mediated coupling reaction for a clinical candidate. Used Thiol-3 Functionalized Silca Gel and got amazing results with low silica loading. PD levels went from (>400 ppm) to ,, 2 ppm. Color was clear. Compound was delivered on time. Use of other functionalized silica and carbon from other vendors produced inferior results.”
[Pike Mitchener, Targcaept]

“I was able to use several lots of SiliaSep Flash Cartridges to model a critical chromatography for a commercial scale process. I saw identical performance from lot to lot, and from 40 gram to 330 gram scale. The process scaled directly into our commercial scale chromatography process, saving us a significant expense of further development on commercial scale.”
[Kevin Wirtz, Ph.D., Cedarburg-Hauser Pharmaceuticals, Inc.]

“Columns have performed well with difficult separations.”
[Randall De Jong, Pfizer]

“SiliaMetS Scavenger used to remove Pd from>1000 ppm to < 100 ppm.”
[Rich Schild, BMS]

“I packed your catalyst in a bed and used it successfully, Hope I'll have more time to invest in this area.”
[Ayman Alliad, Abbott]

“Used SiliCycle Thiol to remove Pd in a reaction mixture. Better than other alternatives.”
[Bin Hu, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp]

“Have given your products to other folks within organisation and used it myself with great success (both the columns, prep plates, and silica gel).”
[Kerry M. Keertikar, Merck Research Labs]

“The use of SiliCycle Silica got me through a PhD of many, many hours of flash chromatography. Now I have a machine to do all of it.”
[Douglas McLeod, BMS]

“Our company has had a great deal of difficulty in finding a supplier of ion-exchange HPLC columns that provided chromatographic reproducibility between lots for small molecules. This problem was eliminated with SiliaChrom ion-exchange HPLC columns. The SiliaChrom ion-exchange columns have become our go to IEX phase. This success has also led us to evaluate the SiliaChrom reverse phase choices - these columns have given us similar results.”
[Matt Sobansky, Novartis Consumer Health]

“The SiliaMetS metal scavangers are particulally useful in Pd metal impurity problems. We had a Pd coupling reaction where all of our normal removal methods failed. We used the SiliaMetS metal scavengers to remove the Pd down the our in house specs.”
[Nelson G Landmesser, Cepahlon]

“The product has been reliable to use across several scales and in both batch and continuous operations for metal scavenging. We use it often in PD due to its effectiveness.”
[Seth Huggins, Amgen]

“Most recent chemistry required metals removal to a very low rate and with SiliCycle Thiourea we were able to obtain our target with relative ease.”
[William Trieu, Amgen]

“SiliCycle metal scavengers help the process development chemists to get rid of heavy metal contamination in API/intermediates.”
[Dr.Mohamed S.M.M.Rahuman, Syngene International Ltd]