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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by Pharma - Drug Discovery users. You may also share your satisfaction with us!

Pharma – Drug Discovery

“In preparing multi gram quantities of high purity compounds in advance of Tox studies. I used the SiliMetS scavanger to remove trace Pd and SiliaSep cartridges to get material that was >99.5% pure and free of Pd.”
[Ryan Keddy, Abbott Laboratories]

“Scavenge palladium in late stage process. Enabled chromatography to be avoided for scale-up of initial batches.”
[Paul Richardson, pfizer]

“When I need to remove Pd from pre-clinical batches of API, I always turn first to the SiliaMetS Si-thiol product. When time is of the essence, experience has shown I can count on Si-thiol.”
[Daniel Pippel, Johnson & Johnson]

“Using DPP-pd in Suzuki reaction makes work-up easy and also makes product clean.”
[Hongyi Yu, GlaxoSmithKline]

“We've compared you to analogix (or whoever they are this week), biotage, isco, and thompson. You had the an equal or better product in all cases at a better price.”
[william lennox, ptc therapeutics]

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“I have used your Si-Carbonate to free base my final compounds many times. The free base is water soluble so I cannot neutralize with aqueous base and extract out of water. Si-Carbonate with methanol as a solvent work very well.”
[John Braganza, Pfizer]

“Very good products are selling.”
[V V Parvateesam, GVK Biosciences Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad]

“Used the SiliCycle columns to successfully separate diasteriomers, where other competitor columns would not work.”
[Ken Banner, TransTech Pharma]

“Using SiliaMetS Thiol functionalized silica was extremely effective in removal of residual palladium from our product. Process was performed on multi-kilogram scale Metal scavengers from other manufactures were not effective.”
[David Moore, Targacept]

“I had a compound that was difficult to purify. Your column separated out the product much better than an identical run using a competitors column.”
[Ron VanderRoest, Pfizer Animal Health]

“Sicylce flash cartridges works well in all the instruments with good separation and cost effective.”
[G.Babu, Incozen Therapeutics Pvt. Limited]

“Removal of Pd from my product. Thanks for the good reagent.”
[Huong-Thu Ton-Nu, Takeda San Diego]

“I used your bonded silica to get Pd-levels down from 7000 ppm to 5 ppm. It worked wonders!”
[Sushant Malhotra, Genentech]

“Using the bound carbonate to free base deprotected products we were able to increase throughput by 50%.”
[William McMillen, Eli Lilly and Company]

“I did a side-by side comparison of SiliCycle vs 2 other main players in disposable silica gel cartridges. This was done using 750/800 gram cartridges. After doing consecutive runs with the 3 cartridges using a Teledyne-Isco XL machine, I found that SiliCycle was much better than the others. I had been using competitors cartridges for years prior to this. I was able to then use an 800 gram cartridge for material that previously required 1.5Kg cartridges from competitors, thus saving $, solvent and time. I also had added confidence for future work since I still had the potential of using a 1.5 kg SiliCycle cartridge, if larger quantities were needed. From this exercise, our group has been using SiliCycle cartridges ever since. We have since performed side-by-side comparisons of other sizes (particularly 120 gram) against other brands and we always find SiliCycle performs the best. The real clincher is that we seem to get better pricing on SiliCycle gear which is an added bonus. In addition, on one occasion, we had ordered 8-10 (1.5Kg) cartridges for a project. We had a problem with 2 of them leaking where they are bonded together. I contacted SiliCycle and you folks were very kind and supportive. Your company made good by standing behind your product and sent me 2 cartridges for every cartridge that was damaged. This reassured our confidence once again, so that we had no doubt about continuing our dealing with you.”
[Ken Bordeau, Sanofi Aventis]

“SiliaMetS Si-thiol palladium scavenger is really good.”
[Mallareddy Komandla, Takeda San Diego]

“Used SiliaCat® TEMPO successfully in an oxidation reaction that did not work properly with the soluble TEMPO. Used the provided SOP with very good results. Thanks!”
[Mihai Azimioara, GNF/Novartis]

“Using SiliCycle DPP-Pd really helps in turn of easy purification. Especially in one program, we are dealing with terrible physical properties compounds (poor) solubility. They constantly crushing out in RP-HPLC and almost impossible to load in normal phase flash system. With the silica-bond Pd, filtration and crystallization after gave a reasonable pure product.”
[Grace Chuang, Cytokinetics]

“My group runs a lot of Pd catalyzed cross couplings. Your metal scavengers provide an excellent means of cleaning up the reactions.”
[Geoff Bilcer, CoMentis]

“I had doing a Suzuki coupling on an indole, but it was always hard to purify it away from the ligand or triphenylphosphine oxide. I had to make a large amount of this intermediate so I turned to the Si-DPP-Pd resin. I usually only use this on small scale for parallel chemistry, but this time I did it on 5 grams and it worked beautifully. This chemistry (resin) really allowed our project to move forward quickly.”
[Anthony Romero, Merck]

“A 12g flash column separated product mixture that was not even able to get clean on a reverse-phase HPLC. Well done!”
[Russell Dahl, RMD Inc]

“I used to have trouble to do Mitsunobu reaction and Suzuki coupling reaction especially in large scale due to poor purification issues by triphenylphosphne oxide as a by-product. By using silliabond reagents and catatlysts, those reactions won't bring me any headach in the lab.”
[Yang Yang, Novartis]

“I was able to separate 2 regioisomers on the combi-flash using a SiliaSep Flash Cartridge.”
[Elisia Villemure, Boehringer Ingelheim]

“I simply use your SiliaPrep carbonate scavenging resin for removal of TFA salt from basic compounds following LC/MS purification. Very efficient and easy and amenable to high throughput.”
[Kirsten Bjergarde, Sanofi]

“I was able to successfully obtain my desired product in high purity (>95%) from a extremely complex mixture of crude products using SiliCycle flash column.”
[Hyunjin Kim, Merck]

“I was have a great deal of difficulty trying to get a clean Suzuki coupling to occur between my substrate and various pyrazole bornic acids, and SiliaCat Pd-DPP allowed me to achieve those those clean reactions in good yield and with minimal workup.”
[Virginia Grant, Celgene]

“I have begun reaching for the SiliCycle columns in preference to our other vendors when I have a tough separation.”
[Michael Koehler, Genentech]

“I am in chemical library production and I am using SilaBond reagents and scavengers in daily basis. They are very reliable and work great every time. Most of all, they tremendously reduce purification time and efforts. Most of times, I even did not need to purify my final compounds at all. Thank you very much for your products.”
[Joseph Kim, SANOFI]

“A few years ago I switched to SiliCycle products for use on our automated purification system, as the brand name products were pricey and only stocked in the US. We have never looked back, with hundreds of successful purifications using SiliCycle cartridges.”
[Shaun D Abbott, ProMetic BioSciences Inc]

“Your triazine based Pd scavenger was very helpful in a previous project to help us verify that trace metal contamination was not affecting the biological activity of our compounds. We obtained trace metal analysis of several compounds before and after scavenging with your product and saw a dramatic decrease in metal levels after scavenging.”
[Leanna Shuster, GSK]

“Your regular (standard flash) columns separate my organic compounds better than ISCO's high performance columns which saves me money and time.”
[Kirk Stevens, Gilead Sciences]

“I have used a SiliCycle column one time at my previous company and it was very successful for me. I was using a different brand of column and during the pre-equilibration stage, the gasket closure part was continuously leaking. I was on a deadline to purify that compound and used the SiliCycle free sample column and I was able to quickly purify my compound.”
[John Tyhonas, Takeda San Diego]

“I has been able to separate an amine terminated compound using some of your columns that was impossible to do using both the Biotage HP silica columns and the Isco gold columns.”
[Matthew Bailey, Genzyme]

“SiliCycle saved my product purity.”
[Michael A.Green, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals]

“Needed a set of columns that work with a wide pH range. SiliaChrom (XT I believe) columns did the trick.”
[Victor Nikolaev, Sanofi]

“Silica supported Pd catalysts have allowed us to get more HPLC runs per column before replacement. Much less Pd fouling of the column.”

“I have used the SiliaPrep spe cartridges for flash chromatographic purification of synthesis intermediates, and have found them to provide excellent resolution, reasonable loading capacity, and reliable retention characteristics. Plus, they're less expensive than the other options we have!”
[Bill Bunnelle, Abbott Laboratories]

“I've used a variety of different columns for my Analogix normal phase chromatography equipment throughout the years, with different levels of success. I have never had a separation not resolve on your columns. This isn't one success story, it's a history of consistent success which is more important than simply one isolated incident. Good stuff.”
[Alan Florjancic, Abbott Laboratories]

“Your product successfully removed trace of aniline in the final product for animal studies.”
[Hugh Zhu, Merck]

“We tried to run a reductive amination in solution phase which was running quite slowly. Adding more Cyanoborohydride was prohibitive because of purification problems. Having the cyanoborohydride on the SiliaBond silica helped use to generate product and analogues in a parallel synthesis fashion reliably.”
[Peter Nestler, Sanofi]

“Really pleased with the quality and resolution of the cartridge systems for chromatography, enabling some really tricky separations to be accomplished.”
[Adam Hughes, Theravance]

“I am able to isolated my compounds with >95% purity.”
[Brett Ching, Senomyx]

“One time, I needed to remove a side product away from my desired product. The two compounds were very close on TLC plate, but SiliCycle column gave a nice baseline separation and I was able to obtain my product with an ease.”
[Charles Liu, Gilead]

“I like the Si-Tosic acid and Si-Carbonate usage on large scale.”
[Michelle Tran-Dube, Pfizer]

“I was very much impressed by the performance of SilicaCat DPP-Pd. The ease of usage and the good performance of it make it special from other catalyst.”
[Yue Li, GSK]

“A SiliCycle column succeeded where a competitor failed.”
[James Crawford, Genentech]

“I tested a variety of flash columns in a head-to-head comparison. The SiliaSep columns gave the best separation, and also at the lowest price point. Great overall value.”
[James Falsey, Amgen]

“I was having difficulty with a reductive amination reaction recently and tried Si-cyanoborohydride. After optimizing time, temp and solvent, I had a process that I used on a large array of compounds.”
[Derek Sheehan, Pfizer Animal Health]