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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by Pharma - Drug Manufacturing users. You may also share your satisfaction with us!

Pharma – Drug Manufacturing

“BioVectra has been able to leverage its large scale chromatography capability with the technical and product capability of the SiliCyle team into the manufacturing of important oncology active pharma ingredients. We have been associated with SiliCycle since 1998, and look forward to working together on many new projects in the future.”
[Dale Zajicek, BioVectra]

“Your analytical HPLC columns are the best! I improved my separations with several of my methods and got an award for my efforts. Thanks for the great products!!!”
[Cliff Klimas, Bristol-Myers Squibb]

“Successful application of SiliCycle for Metal removal on High Priority project.”
[Oliver Thiel, Amgen]

“Our R & D team is very much impressed with your product Silia Flash H60 20-45micron, 60A Cat Number: R10023B.”

“The metal scavenger worked well for me in one project to decrease the level of residual palladium to meet spec. It was fairly easy to use and the result was satisfactory.”
[Allan Tse, Piramal Healthcare Ltd]

More Drug Manufacturing Testimonials


“We can always depend on the quality and on-time delivery of products from SiliCycle.”
[Rebecca Bishop, Cambridge Major Labs]

“We have used the SiliaBond Thiol for several years from the early development phase to full commercialization for a recently commercialized API. The consistency of the product, the interaction with the SiliCycle team have been vital in the success.”
[Vagn Pedersen, Cambridge Major Laboratories, Inc.]

“We were able to use at a low pH and successfully separate two degradation products so that both could be analyzed in the same method.”
[Sherri Panagiotis, Novartis OTC]

“Your thiol metal scavenger product was great. It removes metal to ppm level and helps improve color of our API products. The particle sizes are large and make filtration easy. The one-step metal removal process using metal scavenger significantly shortened process time and improved yield, therefore saved product cost. The service provided by SiliCycle was prompt and warm. Great experience working with SiliCycle!”
[Tao Jiang, Covidien]