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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by Scientific Research Institute users. You may also share your satisfaction with us!

Scientific Research Institute

“2 of the "big" column manufacturers are quite upset that we have created an overlay document that shows 1. SiliCycle 2. Phenom 3. Waters from a peptide analysis. The SiliCycle column is able to clearly resolve closely eluting isomers that have been a huge challenge for us for the last 3 years. Based on this overlay, we received a $500,000 purchase order because our customer was convinced that our HPLC method was superior to our competitor.”
[Robert Geiger, AmbioPharm, Inc.City]]

“Was performing an aromatic nitro reduction with iron/HCl. The color of the corresponding aniline was highly colored (dark brown to dark yellow) and the specification was white to off white. Recrystallization only removed a small amount of color and often times the color was enhanced. Darco alone did not help very much. Using silica-thiol provided snow white material and iron levels passed specification.”
[Marlon Lutz, Regis Technologies]]

“I find both the dt C18 and Cosmosil Cholester to be excellent. The Cholester has been great for separating diastereomers.”
[Michael Mauragis, Bridge Organics]]

“Without SiliaMetS metal scavengers, we were not able to reach our client's limit. This saved the project for us.”
[Elisabeth Dowse, IRIX Pharmaceuticals]]

“We use SiliaMetS thiol for our Contract Research Projects , and is recommended by one our Prestigous customer . As a standard practice we consider SiliaMetS Costing in our projects and believe this inturnis one of the criteria for winning the projects from our customers.”
[Narasimha, Dr.Reddys's Laboratories Limited]]

“Successfully Pd remediation on Kg scale during API production in GMP suites.”
[Qiuzhe(Ben) Xie, AMRI]]