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These are some testimonials that have been sent in by University/College users. You may also share your satisfaction with us!


“Our labs makes extensive use of automated chromatography primarily Biotage flash systems. We were using primarily biotage flash cartridges for quite a few years when our SiliCycle rep gave a great talk on the benefits and advantages of SiliCycle columns and gave us a few to try. We happened to have a separation problem that numerous attempts had failed to give us clean compound using the biotage columns. The first try using a SiliCycle column was substantially better and we were able to quickly optimize and achieve a level of purity not available using the biotage columns. We have continued to use SiliCycle almost exclusively in our labs and continue to achieve separations previously considered impossible.”
[Mark Burlingame, UCSF SMDC]

“We have a biotage isolera for purification of organic compounds, but biotage does not make 4g flash columns. Thus, we always order those from SiliCycle so that we can purify small amounts of a compound on the isolera. This saves us time and money in the long run!”
[Sandra King, Yale University Chemistry]

“I switched from another brand to SiliCycle upon recommendation from a co-worker in another Stanford laboratory. I had been getting reliable results from my use. it's great!”
[Russell Li, Stanford University]

“My group uses Biotage Isolera and Flash systems for purification. I was having quite a bit of difficulty with the purification of a particularly polar amine, but I did not want to have to switch to reverse phase or manual column chromatography as I like the real time UV detection offered by the Biotage system. I tried a Biotage compatible SiliCycle "amine" cartridge and got great separation of my very similar starting material and product.”
[Michael Witten, Harvard University]

“Many products have been successfully purified with the silica gel. We have had problems with other companies' TLC plates not running the same as their silica gel, but everything was fixed when we switched over to all SiliCycle products.”
[William Nguyen, Stanford University]

More University/College Testimonials


“The use of the High grade silica gel from SiliCycle (5-20) has allowed us to separate extremely similar alkylated products previously troublesome on products from other companies. It has become great as well during the synthesis of complex natural products where isolation of milligram quantities matters a lot!”
[Mark Kohler, Duke University]

“Used SiliCycle brand silica gel through 5 years of graduate school to separate >95% of my compounds via flash chromatography.”
[Derek Schipper, MIT]

“The high quality nature of the columns and plates from SiliCycle has allowed us to achieve a level of reproducibility with our compound libraries that would be unheard of with any other production line.”
[Steven Marois, Boston University CMLD]

“Was able to separate two positional isomer which are too difficult to separate. Thanks and keep up the good work.”
[Praveen Bachawala, University of Cincinnati]

“Simply a great product!”
[Kevin Landefeld, UCSB]

“SiliCycle TLC plates on alumina are very convenient to use and one of the few that are compatible with the methods we use for non-UV sensitive compound detection.”
[T. B. Grindley, Dalhousie University]

“I use to use other brand of silica for flash chromatography in my research and was not satisfied with the quality and performance of their silica gel. The pH was too acidic and the separations were bad. Sometimes I loose a protecting group during the chromatography. When I heard good deals from Silicycle, I called up the representative and asked for the quote, I got a very good deal and I am very happy with the performance and quality of the product. I would recommend to others the same. Thank you SiliCyle. MIJ.”
[Muhammad Javed, Univ. of Minnesota]

“I got good separations using preparative cartridges using SiliCycle SPE cartridges. I use often SIL5715-7 glass plates and are useful for all my purification and analytical purposes.”
[Raj Gopal Venkat, University of Utah]

“I used SiliCycle silica gel throughout my PhD work and never had a problem with it. It was also significantly cheaper than its competition.”
[Jennifer Chaytor, University of Alberta]

“Being on a total synthesis project requires me to purify many products every day. I have always gotten excellent separation and clean materials using SiliCycle products!.”
[Evan Styduhar, UCLA Dept. of Chem. & Biochem]

“Using SiliCycle products daily, the research in our lab is running smoothly. The quality is always high, the results are reproducible and the price is affordable, especially for academia. It is nice to know that you don't have to worry much about purifying your products!”
[Pascal Léveillé, Université de Sherbrooke]

“I am an inorganic chemist, so I don't do as many fancy organic syntheses as hard-core organic chemists do. However I do synthesize a variety of legends and some have steps in the synthesis that produce side products that are very difficult to separate because their structure is so similar to the desired product. I never have trouble running flash columns with SiliCycle silica gel and always get great separation. SiliCycle's products are great!”
[Ashley McDaniel, Colorado State University]

“The TLC plates is awesome, it provides good separation.”
[Xin Gao, UT Austin]

“We were routinely paying about 50% more for TLC plates before switching to SiliCycle. We had tested products from other suppliers with the hope of reducing our costs, but we found a sharp drop off in quality for anything less costly. SiliCycle offered a promotion with discounted prices for TLC plates and we found the quality to be outstanding. We were interested in continuing our relationship with SiliCycle, and they worked with us to offer favourable prices to us and now we purchase TLC plates exclusively from SiliCycle.”
[Justin Mohr, Massachusetts Institute of Technology]

“I love Si-TMA Acetate cartridges because I could make a whole bunch of carboxylic acid analogs without reverse phase chromatography.”
[Priya Jaishankar, UCSF]

“We had difficulty separating the products of bromination of an N-alkynylpyrrole. When we used SiliCycle silica gel TLC plates, these were clearly resolved. This ultimately allowed the isolation of the 2-bromo-N-alkynlpyrrole.”
[Sean Kerwin, Univ. of Texas]

“Our research group switched to another less expensive brand of silica and TLC plates, but we found their products so inferior that it was definitely not worth the small amount of savings. We immediately switched back to SiliCycle and are never going back!”
[Joseph Moran, University of Texas at Austin]

“At the university, at some point in my research I was dealing with the purification of products that would showed up as a single spot on TLCs. At that point I was relying in SiliyCle's silica gel to separate those products. Somehow they would separate on the column and I was able to characterize each of those products for publication. Thanks.”
[David Lapointe, University of Ottawa]

“Because of the silica for flash chromatography and TLC plates from SiliCycle, I've been able to purify very easily important products that I've obtained during my Ph.D. work. If for any reason a purification did not go as expected, I knew I could not blame the quality of the silica since its purity is excellent from a batch to another.”
[Simon Pichette, Université de Sherbrooke]

“There was a time when I was using some brandless silica gel and I was not able to separate a mixture of phthalocyanines. That's when I contacted a SiliCycle representative to receive a sample and I was finally able to separate 4 different products. Never changed brand since then!”
[Alessandro Varotto, UCSB]

“Currently, I am using SiliaSep flash cartridges to successfully separate diastereomers that are difficult to purify by normal flash chromatography. With this product, I will be able to obtain pure compounds for small molecule library synthesis.”
[Timothy Montavon, University of Chicago]

“I was extremely happy with the customer service I received. I wasn't sure which type of silica gel to order for my chromatography. Julie Thibault explained the differences in the silica and helped me pick the best product for me. It also cost less than if I had ordered from the competitors!”
[Amanda Mattson, Montana State University]

“Having tried a variety of other similar products SiliaFlash F60 is the only product that does not decompose our acid sensitive compounds without having to pre-treat with base.”
[Ryan Fradette, University of Alberta]

“Our laboratory had been using a different brand of TLC plates that we were not satisfied with. We did not obtain optimal separation with these plates. However, when we switched to your brand, we were beyond satisfied with separation, packaging, and ease of cutting the plates. Furthermore, we are quite happy with your silica gel, and are very satisfied with the pricing options.”
[Rebecca Wissner, University of Pennsylvania]

“Since we've switched to SiliCycle, we have realized 67% savings over our previous supplier. Thanks!”
[Jacob Goldberg, University of Pennsylvania]

“Recently we received palladium catalyst (support) from SiliCycle and to our surprise the reaction went clean and whole lab was impressed. Previous attempts to use solid supported palladium from other vendors were complete disappointment. Well done SiliCycle.”
[Kumara Vadivel, CDD, Northeastern University]

“I am able to separate two otherwise co-eluting products quickly and easily using a SiliaSep flash cartridge where manual glass flash columns and reloadable flash cartridges failed!”
[Sean DeGuire, Vanderbilt University]

“After having trouble with a difficult separation of a product and an impurity even with preparative TLC plate the support technician suggest to try out some functionalized TLP plates witch really helped me out.”
[Sébastien Ladouceur, Université de Sherbrooke]

“I worked in industry (small pharma company) and we had Isco column systems. We switched over to SiliCycle columns and got better separations! When I went back to grad school we had to run everything manually, which was a huge change! One month before I graduated, we ordered an Isco system and I am jealous that I don't get to use it! SiliCycle has the best cost and performance of the prepacked columns available, so I'm sure the lab will be using SiliCycle products!”
[Thomas Lightburn, Boston College]

“We really benefited a lot from your affordable and high-quality pre-loaded flash chromatography columns, which greatly saved our time in preparing starting materials at large scale and facilitated the research process. In the end, we were able to triple the productivity level and deliver results on time.”
[Song Liu, University of Chicago]

“We used a SiliCycle propylsulfonic acid catalyst to catalyze the dehydration of fructose to hydroxymethylfurfural.”
[Susannah Scott, University of California]

“We use silica gel/ TLC and preparative TLC from SiliCycle ever since we start our lab (2007 until now) and research works out very well :) Great product!”
[Giang Hoang, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities]

“My lab bought some silica TLC plates from SiliCycle. They arrived on time, were exactly what we wanted. They were packaged so that the plates were easy to get out, which is a problem with some distributers. Recently, we have decided that prep plates were too expensive so we tried the regular TLC plates with <10 mg of material, and it worked well. It would be nice if you sold inexpensive prep plates that were maybe half the size of regular plates. Keep up the good work!”
[Maureen, UCI]

“The quality of the TLC in your company is the best of all that I have used from different companies. The coating is very uniform even in the areas close to the edges. I frequently use them for separation of small amounts of compounds (ca 50 mg), and it works excellently.”
[Lihong Wang, University of Alberta]

“We have only used SiliCycle for our silica gel needs in the lab because the product works great. It is always consistent (from barrel to barrel) so we keep coming back for the sales, the helpful sales staff, and the consistent products! Good job!”
[Rachel Vaden, University of Utah]

“SiliCycle came through for me by quickly delivering a high quality product at a reasonable price. The sales staff was helpful, communicative, and all around made the experience a pleasant one!”
[Mike Peterson, UNiversity of Minnesota]

“SiliaSep Flash Cartridges greatly speed up our work!”
[Xiaoxu Li, Columbia University]

“Using a 25g SiliaSep HP allowed me to separate diastereosisomers which were not separable using a 24g RediSep Rf Gold column from Teledyne Isco. This is a great advancement for organic chemist.”
[William S. Bechara, Université de Montréal]

“We have been using the silica gel from SiliCycle for column chromatography in the past few years in an organic synthesis laboratory. We did not have the chance to compare the quality of the silica gel in the market till one day we were approached by someone that had problem repeating an experiment procedure that we have reported. After spending quite some time and money, we eventually realized that the brand name silica gel they have been using is the source of problem. That silica gel has less separation power, more expensive, and the quality was not always consistent. They had the bad luck of having a batch of silica gel that was ACIDIC and destroyed the sensitive product! After taking some SiliCycle silica gel as a sample from us, they were able to reproduce our results with no difficulty.”
[Jiong Yang, Texas A&M University]

“Our lab recently switched to glass backed plates within the past year, and it's made a great deal of difference within the lab. Everyone loves how consistent they are, and it's great to buy the huge glass plates and cut them to our own personal desired sizes for following reactions or analyzing fractions from columns. The SiliCycle plates have such a great, intense UV active surface which makes them so easy to read, and it was the best glass plate out of the many different samples we looked through. SiliCycle also has the most competitive prices. The change to glass has had a resonating affect on the entire lab and our chemistry.”
[Helen Chen, UPenn]

“Successfully separated triglycerides and phospholipids from cell extract on TLC plates.”
[Daniel Podgorski, Boston University]

“The SiliCycle silica gel was totally fine in terms of resolution after many purification/wash of gel processes.”
[Kyoji Tsuchikama, The Scripps Research Institute]

“Your bulk silica gel is as good as any in the business. Your competitive pricing allows us to conduct our research without having to worry about the cost of purification.”
[Douglas Rooke, Colorado State University]

“We use SiliCycle silica gel for flash chromatography. We also use their TLC places for routine analysis. We are satisfied with the quality of their product in terms of resolution and back-pressure. We tried to switch to another vendor for lower price. But that vendor's product turns out to be inconsistent in terms of mesh. We had to wait until the supply was exhausted, then we switched back to SiliCycle. Now we are comfortable.”
[Chenbo Wang, Boston College]

“We have used carbodiimide scavengers that have worked wonderful in our flow system. The purification and reproducibility is awesome!”
[Michael Placzek, Northeastern University]

“Without a doubt, the silica for column chromatography is superior to that from Aldrich co. A sales rep. gave us some Aldrich silica to try, and everyone in the lab noted how less efficient the Aldrich silica was at separating compounds compared to the SiliCycle silica.”
[Adel Elsohly, Columbia University]

“I had a lot of ease separating regioisomers of conjugate allylation products on Silia P Flash Silica Gel! Other manufacturers didn't do the trick, but with SiliCycle, they were multiple fractions apart. It was great! Customer service is also the very best, very prompt and responsive.”
[Laura Brozek, Boston College]

“I used the cartridges to separate aromatic and aliphatic fractions during analysis of a petroleum hydrocarbons in soil after extraction.”
[Ali Akbari, McGill]

“Your regular silica gel is routinely used in our lab on a daily basis, and it does its job pretty well.”
[Dr. Nan Chen, University of Waterloo]

“The metal scavengers are the gold standard for chemistry laboratories and we have easily adapted their use into our high throughput medicinal chemistry platform.”
[Nicole Schechter, University of Arizona]

“We observed many instances that compounds that are prone to decomposition with silica are more stable in SiliCycle silica gel resulting in higher yields.”
[Yunus Turkmen, University of Chicago]

“I obtained analytically pure compounds for a JACS communication using your product. Perhaps an inferior supplier would have given me silica gel that would not have gotten my compounds so pure and I would not have gotten the JACS comm.”
[Vinson Espejo, University of Utah]

“In graduate school, we had real problems separating diastereomeric products of an organic reaction. At that time, the early SiliCycle recycled silica gel outperformed the much more expensive (and non-recycled) brand that we were using at the time. That testament to quality has always stayed with me.”
[Christopher Vanderwal, UC Irvine]

“I do the purchasing for the Chemsitry department and the end users are quite happy with your products.”
[Vicky Lloyd, Princeton University]

“Biotage columns repacked with SiliCycle silica gel separate better than the original Biotage columns.”
[Matthias Oberli, MIT]

“Just starting off in the lab, I ordered the SIlica Gel and got great separations of difficult and sensitive material!”
[Lyndsay Wood, Winkler Group - Univ of PA]

“We have routinely found that the P60 silica gel is the best option combining effectiveness with cost. We have almost always been able to separate typically tricky compounds (e.g., diastereomers, alkene isomers) using flash column chromatography with the P60 silica gel, not requiring the more sophisticated, higher cost silicas.”
[Eric Ferreira, Colorado State University]

“We depend on column chromatography for every chemical reaction we run. Therefore the success of our program is dependent on chromatography. My students are able to successfully purify difficult compounds using your loose silica. This enables our program to advance and thrive.”
[Aaron Aponick, University of Florida]

“We used SiliCycle to get our lab up and running when it was founded; it was great to be able to have TLC plates & column packing made from exactly the same material so there were no surprises in our preparative separations.”
[Evan Beach, Yale University]

“An advanced intermediate was able to be separated from a biproduct thanks to the SiliaFlash T60 silica gel.”
[Brandon VanNess, The Ohio State University]

“Isolation of <5mg quantities of product using SiliCycle TLC plates.”
[Michael Geier, UNC - Chapel Hill]

“We use the SiliCycle silica gel chromatography cartridges for routine compound purification to save money without any loss in separation quality.”
[Kevin Frankowski, KU SCC]

“Had been using EMD silica for a while and could not get separation of my diastereomers. Bought your silica after receiving a promotion and I got separation! Thanks :)”
[Austin Travis, MIT]

“We often separate diastereomers as a means of enantiomer resolution. Your gravity silica has permitted us to succeed with very tight separations when other supports fail.”
[Eugene Mash, The University of Arizona]

“We have used your rp media to purify highly polar target molecules that have been difficult to purify by other means.”
[Steve Patterson, The University of Minnesota]

“There are often times I have two products with very little difference in rf by TLC but when I carry out flash chromatography with your silica gel I'm able to separate my products.”
[Wesley Chalifoux, Columbia University]

“After switching silica from Danamic absorbent to SiliCycle, I successfully isolate various target molecules which ended up my first : Science magazine" publication.”
[Jung Su Park, Northwestern University]

“We have used your columns for our automated chromatography set up and they work just as well as the ones from Teledyne.”
[Danielle Sedbrook, Columbia University]

“Got superior separation using an HP cartridge compared to standard prepacked cartridges.”
[Seth Herzon, Yale University]

“The flash cartridges always help in difficult separations where it is near impossible to get product pure by a column and there is too much material for HPLC.”
[Lauren Brown, CMLD-BU]

“I work in a large synthetic organic chemistry lab at a university and we all rely on your silica gel to purify our important research compounds. I have used the silica gel with a number of different solvents and compounds over the years, and I have always had success purifying my compounds, no matter how difficult the separation. I handle all of the bulk ordering for our lab, and as a result am contacted by many different vendors. No matter how many free samples we test, we always continue to order from SiliCycle because we trust the product line.”
[Amy Bonaparte, UT Austin]

“We use your product to isolate a novel tripodal ligand.”
[Gerard Parkin, Columbia University]

“We had tried working with TLC plates of another brand and realized that the SiliCycle brand was the most durable and long-lasting as well as clear when visualizing with UV light so we switched back.”
[Jessica Kisunzu, UC Berkeley]

“I was able to flash a product on a small scale with the SiliCycle Rf 24g columns which I was not able to flash with the RediSep Isco cartridge. This saved my day of work and I was able to continue my synthesis!”
[Guillaume Pelletier, Université de Montréal]

“We use SiliCycle silica gel everyday to synthesize complex natural products and have found the product to be of the upmost quality.”
[Chad Lewis, Cornell University]

“I was using a prep TLC plate to separate what I thought were diastereomers of a intramolecular Diels–Alder reaction using a toluene eluent. After drying the toluene using a hot plate I found out that the Diels–Alder was actually achieved on the hot TLC plate and it was a triene that I had loaded on to the prep plate. I now run the reaction on large scale in a hot SiO2 slurry in toluene.”
[Leah Cleary, UC Irvine]

“We have been able to isolate many compounds for our projects in organic solar cells. We are interested to know what is the pKa of the P60 and F60 silica gel products.”
[Alan Sellinger, Stanford University]

“I've used SiliCycle Silia F60 silica gel to purify compounds with very difficult separations. Other silica gels I tried failed for this particular application.”
[Andrew Parsons, MIT]

“I use the SiliCycle silica gel to separate a highly unstable alpha chiral aldehyde, all the other brands provided me epimerization product.”
[Xin Gao, The University of Texas at Austin]

“The lab next door had to come over to borrow my SiliCycle silica as their Brand of CHEAPER silica gel would not separate the desired compound. The co-worker's experiment was thoroughly successful.”
[Avinash Khanna, UC Irvine]

“Using the T60 silica gel, I have been able to separate olefin E/Z stereosiomers and diastereomers with extremely similar rf values. I've gotten cleaner compounds with one column using T60 than I have by doing multiple columns using other silica gels. This is truly something that I will ensure every lab I work in has on hand.”
[Andrew Brusoe, UNC Chapel Hill]