Monday, October 29th, SiliCycle was happy to welcome Danièle Henkel, founder & president of Daniele Henkel inc.

During this tour, SiliCycle’s president Hugo St-Laurent presented our research and development facilities and our new line of products: E-PAK large scale purification cartridges for the pharmaceutical industry.

Ms Henkel also had the privilege to visit our laboratories and the construction site of our new plant for biomass extraction and ingredients purification.

They were later joined by François Arcand, head of Pharma in silica™, a SiliCycle subsidiary that offers a technology of therapeutic ingredients vectorization based on a silica microspheres.

Danièle Henkel and Hugo St-Laurent, CEO of SiliCycle

Hugo St-Laurent (CEO of SiliCycle), Danièle Henkel and François Arcand (manager of Pharma in silica)