2018 ... another year has passed. Phew! What a year for SiliCycle!

Sales : Powering a successfully growing company and achieving millions of sales growth over the years, SiliCycle has achieved a turnover increase of 18%. This is far from effortless!

Profits : We do not reveal our numbers (except to our shareholders - or those who might want to become!). But I can tell you that while we are heavily investing (more than over $ 3 millions) in research and development activities and in subsidiaries and sister companies, we keep on growing and make millions in profits.

Plant extension : Since last spring, construction workers have been at work. Deliverable at the end of April 2019, SiliCycle has invested more than $ 15 million in this new plant. We are increasing our reactor capacity by a factor of 20 (yes, 20 times more capacity!). We are adding laboratories and Industrial Purification & Extraction equipment. We are becoming a GMP factory to continue our growth in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the nutraceutical, food and cosmetic markets

Recognition : Thanks to its many efforts in health and safety, SiliCycle has maintained a perfect score of zero (0 !) work accidents resulting in lost work days in 2018. And this has been the case since the construction of the plant in 2009!

- At the « Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards », SiliCycle was awarded « Best Organic Chemistry Service Provider ».
- During the MedLys Gala dedicated to the Canadian pharmaceutical industry, SiliCycle won the « Best Supplier of Pharmaceutical Products and Services » award.

Extraction-Purification Technological Platform : Launched 5 years ago, SiliCycle and its sister companies are becoming day after day the essential player in the Extraction-Purification of molecules of interest derived from biomass in northeastern America. In coming years, the SiliCycle Group will be the number-one player in North America in this sector:

  • SiliCycle (Quebec City) : Several reactors (tens of thousands of liters capacity) for solvent extraction, with various filtration and drying technologies, and chromatography and purification equipment (yes, our area of expertise for 24 years !), we are able to welcome and purify all molecules of interest derived from biomass.
  • Total Océan (Havre-aux-Maisons, Magdalen Islands) : ultra-modern plant built in 2018. With its unique processes and equipment, Total Océan will produce odorless and colorless oils, rich in omega 3, from Atlantic seals and various fish species.
  • Shaman Extraction (Mashteuiatsh, Lac St-Jean) : an aqueous extraction plant equipped with an industrial lyophilizer. In 2019, Shaman Extraction will also initiate the development of native medicinal plants extracts as well as the operation and commercialization of our unique bacteriocins-producing probiotic strains.
  • GBR Groupe BoréaRessources (Ferland-et-Boilleau, Saguenay) : The GBR plant produces essential oils and hydrosols from plants and trees from the boreal forest, as well as compounds extracted from bark revaluation. GBR has increased its production capacity in 2018, but this is nothing compared to our coming investments in 2019.

Other subsidiaries and sister companies: thanks to the exceptional capacities offered by our facilities and equipments, but above all thanks to our people, SiliCycle stands out in the world in materials chemistry, chromatography techniques, and extraction & purification. This has led in the last years to the launch of the following companies that continue to grow:

  • Mirapakon : This was a major year for the company in structuring and developing its operations and marketing. Coatings and surface treatment products are being tested and sold in several industries. Imagine these patented coatings separating the essential from the undesirables! Rust, algae, condensation, dirt, etc. Our commercial advances are ongoing in the marine industry, pulp and papers, industrial sanitation, mining, etc.
  • RV2 Technologies : Working out a technology that would successfully valorize used glass (wine bottle and others) into industrial chemicals (precipitated silica), the challenge was great for our company and, thanks to its inventive process, we believe RV2 Technologies will be the winning solution.
  • Pharma in silica : Champion in synthetic silica, SiliCycle has developed a highly innovative technology that enables the sequestration, encapsulation and protection of active ingredients for the curing of diseases. This spin-off is named Pharma in silica. For example, Pharma in silica allows anti-cancer products to be administered in smaller amounts and be delivered to the right places in the desired period of time. A major medical progress!
  • SiliCycle China : Our Chinese structure (Holding in Hong Kong and WOFE in Shanghai) took off in 2018. Six employees there are already working to the commercial success of SiliCycle in China.

2018, a stimulating year, filled with challenges and for which we’ve accomplished our goals. Thanks to all our employees and partners for supporting us with determination, performance and creativity in our great dream of building a strong company. A big dream or already a reality? In any case, we have the wind in the sails and we work hard!

A few days of rest, health, happiness with your loved ones, a happy holiday season and presto! I can already predict a glittering year throughout 2019 filled with achievements and I wish you the very same.

Hugo St-Laurent
President & CEO SiliCycle

The whole SiliCycle Team wish you Happy Holidays!

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