During an event hosted by Quebec City's chamber of commerce and industry, PM Justin Trudeau mentionned SiliCycle as an example among Québec City's successful export-oriented businesses.

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More about SiliCycle

Founded in 1995, SiliCycle Inc. is a major player in the development, manufacturing of products for Chromatography, Purification, Analytical Chemistry and Organic Synthesis. These products and services are used from small scientific experiments to large industrial manufacturing by analytical laboratories, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and food companies around the world.

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2019: SiliCycle expands!

SiliCycle adds 21,000 square feet to its existing plant, for biomass extraction & ingredient purification.

This $16 millions investment will allow SiliCycle to increase the production capacity of currently marketed products, but will also enable the development and production of plant, forest, and marine biomass extracts via a new Extraction-Purification technologic platform. These ingredients can also be purified to pharmaceutical grade and scale, and benefit from SiliCycle's established expertise in purification.

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