Dear Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Partners, Shareholders, Future Shareholders, and Friends,

Luc Fortier and Hugo St-Laurent, in 1995Luc Fortier and Hugo St-Laurent, in 1995

Over 26 years ago, I received a phone call from Luc Fortier. I was already working with Enviro-Dynamics and had agreed to meet Luc at the Université Laval library. For just a signature and a dollar, Luc would unveil his business concept to me. One year later, on August 30, 1995, SiliCycle was incorporated and took off.

Quite a modest start at the time, but full of bright ideas, naivety, and energy!!! You would have witnessed the lack of analytical thinking, negative realism, accounting, and buzzkill if you had been there at the time. Idealists, we were embarking on a great adventure that we hadn't even dreamed would unfold for so many years. We initially lacked many elements, but we always sought advice, surrounded ourselves well, received assistance and, in the end, everything fell into place. We have secured our clients, our financial partners, our shareholders one by one over the past 25 years!

SiliCycle's headquarters and facilities, in Quebec City.
SiliCycle's headquarters and facilities, in Quebec City.

This coming August 30th, brimming with skill, experience, and everything it takes to make a huge success of a world-class company, SiliCycle, now known as Groupe SiliCycle, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Our facility was built in 2009 and extended in 2019. Our head office is still located in Quebec City, representing an investment of $45 million, and the pharmaceutical-grade products it manufactures are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. Almost 50 packages are delivered to our customers in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries every day. Our products have led to the development of drugs, our extraction and purification technologies are producing leading pharmaceuticals, and active molecules from biomasses are emerging as solutions to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. All employees at our two Quebec City facilities, as well as our sales and technical support teams in the United States, and our offices in Shanghai, Paris and Bangalore are enthusiastically embracing the core values that shaped us 25 years ago: Determination, Creativity and Performance.

Groupe SiliCycle's subsidiaries, sister companies and business units have also evolved with the same resilience and passion since their establishment. Hence, SiliCycle CCP, Pharma in silica, RV2 Technologies and Mirapakon focus on silica chemistry and SiliCycle API/CMO, Synéova, PurCann Pharma, Total Océan, GBR and akua nature work on the extraction and purification of molecules of interest from biomass. I invite you to follow them!

SiliCycle Mirapakon Pharma in silica RV2 Technologies PurCann Pharma Synéova Ingrédients akua nature GBR - Groupe BoréaRessources Total Ocean

These companies will be among the next success stories to emerge in entrepreneurship and science in the near future. For instance, the Mirapakon company, which offers anti-corrosion coatings and antifoulings, the PurCann Pharma company, which offers finished products based on molecules of interest derived from hemp and cannabis, and the Pharma in silica company, which is making progress in the development of anti-cancer products.

Groupe SiliCycle is still at the dawn of its history and the next 25 years will be brilliant. We are building something great with discipline and innovation - a strong, well-rooted company that will keep on shining locally and internationally. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who, over the last 25 years, have contributed in one way or the other to our success, to our fulfillment and to our success as a company and as individuals.



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