Quebec, Canada, November 25, 2015 - During the last year and a half, the City of Quebec and SiliCycle jointly participated in a technology showcase in order to develop an analytical method to quantify harmful trace elements and compounds for human consumption in raw, surface and drinking water.

SiliCycle's role was to provide scientific expertise, develop extraction methods adapted to the various molecules and help the development of analytical methods. About forty of drinking water contaminants, including pesticides and pharmaceutical residues, were the subject of this study that demonstrated the performance of our products, namely solid phase extraction cartridges made of silica and polymer.

This project was a great success both for the City of Québec and for SiliCycle. The objective, to develop an analytical method for the identification of pharmaceutical and pesticide residues in drinking, surface and raw water, was achieved. In addition, for SiliCycle, the proposed technological showcase allowed to use its expertise and resources to help the community and help develop new markets worldwide.

About SiliCycle

SiliCycle Inc. was incorporated in August 1995. After a sustained growth, SiliCycle moved in March 2009 in a new plant equipped with cutting edge technology, quadrupling its production capacities and conferring a strong position for the coming years. The current business model is focused on the design, production and sale of laboratory consumables and technological tools for purification and production. SiliCycle, with business locations in Canada, the United States, India, France, Germany and China, has sales in more than 70 countries with over 1500 customers, mainly pharmaceutical research and production. The company is very active in research and development efforts wishing to grow through innovation.

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President and CEO
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Vice-President Research & Development
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