At SiliCycle, ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees as well as our customers and partners is a priority.

In response to the evolving status of the COVID-19 pandemic, SiliCycle has put in place a contingency plan to minimize the impact on the supply of our products and services. Your work is important and your ability to successfully receive your orders is as important to us. Our production site will remain operational and we will continue to ship products in all countries where we are allowed to.

We are working to avoid disruptions while also acting responsibly to do what we can to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

Our plan includes:

  • Every employee that can operate remotely from home is doing so.
  • Staggered shifts and working hours for essential on-site employees.
  • All non-essential and non-critical visitors are not allowed until further notice.
  • Production back-up teams that are ready to come on site if required.
  • Customers that have already placed orders with us will receive their products as scheduled. Any changes will be communicated immediately.
  • Customers needing to place orders with us can continue to do so as usual through the same channel.
  • Ensuring supply chain of our raw materials by working closely with our strategic partners.
  • Monitoring and proactively addressing any concerns and to retain our focus on customers.

This communication is not meant to replace your interactions with our teams. If you have any general questions or questions about your current projects, please continue to contact your business manager or normal point of contact.


Your SiliCycle team