A Strategic Collaboration Between SiliCycle inc. and Graver Technologies

SiliCycle - Graver Technologies SiliaMetS E-PAK Cartridges for Large Scale Metal Purification Processes

SiliCycle, Inc. and Graver Technologies announce the launch of a newly designed cartridge, especially developed for the highly effective removal of palladium (Pd) from large solution volumes and waste waters.

This strategic partnership is now combining both companies’ expertise – powerful and targeted metal purification from API on one hand, and large-scale purification of solvents and waste solutions on the other hand – for extraordinary optimization of processes.


This includes:

  • No loss of API, such as in unspecific methods;
  • Absolutely no leaching, neither organic or inorganic (contact us for leaching studies);
  • Compatible with most usual solvents, organic and aqueous;
  • Full pH range compatibility, from 1 to 14;
  • Extremely easily scalable, no harsh work;
  • Final purity: concentrations of less than a single digit ppm can be achieved;
  • Respect of the environment: less solvents, less time needed;
  • Financial profitability.