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April 18th, 2018
@ SiliCycle
Award-winning flow chemistry, batch reactor, and chemical scale-up solutions

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For chemists and chemical engineers in labs around the globe, we design and manufacture products for a range of applications from synthesis and reaction analysis to crystallization, calorimetry and scale-up.

Join us at a workshop near you to understand how you can benefit from:
  • Scale-up of chemical processes in flow and batch.
  • Automated and manual process development.
  • Novel applications in flow chemistry
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Billy Bullock
Regional Director
Stuart Simcock
Product Manager
Andrew Mansfield
Flow Specialist
« The delivery of information was very good
Demonstrations of flow chemistry instruments were informative and practical. »
Dr. B.R. Shah, R&D Manager
Lab-scale continuous flow chemistry

Precise reaction control

For consistent size, shape, and architecture of nanoparticles, Syrris Asia allows for precise control of reaction time, temperature and mixing. With efficient heat and mass transfer, reactions start and stop almost instantly, providing reliable material from run-to-run.

Rapid R&D

The automated Asia Flow System allows you to run multiple unattended experiments a day, and provides for efficient use of your reagents. In-situ reaction data analysis available.
Automated batch chemistry

Temperature-dependant dosing and pH control

Whether you want to dose within a defined temperature range or maintain a specific pH, the Atlas Pump allows you to automate these processes with walk-away functionality.

Kinetics without limitations

Investigate even the most demanding processes, such as reflux or high pressure, with the Chemisens reaction calorimeter. Chemisens permits real-time monitoring of your experiments without the need for pre or post run calibration.