SiliCycle is pleased to announce the arrival of 3 new employees!


Ludivine Chaurand
Ludivine joins the in silica team, in charge of analytical formulation. Ludivine has a Master's Degree in Renewable Resources from the University of Chicoutimi, and is currently completing a graduate project in the development of 4 cosmetic products.



Claudia Carpentier
As part of her Ph.D. in Chemistry, Claudia will be doing an internship within the R&D team, for 3 years. She will be in charge of the isolation and synthesis of bioactive natural products from the boreal flora of Quebec, in order to develop a diversified collection of purified bioactive natural products.



Kevin Thomas
A graduate in marketing and chemistry, Kevin joins the sales team of SiliCycle as account manager. He has several years of sales experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and expertise in chromatography.



Welcome at SiliCycle!