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SiliaPrep SPE Vacuum Manifold Complete Set (12 positions) (AUT-0128-12)

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SiliaPrep SPE Vacuum Manifold Complete Set (12 positions) (AUT-0128-12)

Product Description


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    12-Positions SPE Vacuum Manifold Complete Set

    Run multiple samples simultaneously, with a controlled flow rate for higher reproducibility, with SiliaPrep SPE Vacuum Manifolds. These manifolds allow consistent extraction. No possibility of cross-contamination from one sample to another.

    The design consists in a clear glass chamber equipped with replaceable individual stopcocks (also known as control valves) and solvent guide needles. The adjustable rack allows the use of a wide variety of collection vessels including 13 and 16 mm test tubes, autosampler vials and volumetric flasks.

    Simply apply a vacuum source to elute sample through a cartridge directly to the collection vessel of choice.

    Complete sets include:

    • Glass chamber, vacuum gauge & bleed valve
    • Cover, gasket, male and female luer fittings
    • Individual stopcocks and needles
    • Collection rack with posts, shelves and retaining clips.
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    Particle Shape Irregular