SiliCycle COVID-19 Statement

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Quality Policy

SiliCycle's quality policy is to continuously improve customer service and the quality of products and services offered while optimizing costs in order to become a first-class partner.

To achieve this, SiliCycle is committed to the following principles:

  1. Personalised Customer Experience
    • Knowing our customers in order to offer superior quality and value-added products and services within the agreed timeframe.
    • Responding, processing and resolving customer complaints with appropriate care.
  2. Respect for our suppliers, customers and employees
    Aiming for high levels of human quality, including courtesy, honesty, security, commitment, confidentiality and solidarity, in order to deserve the respect of our suppliers, customers and staff at all times.
  3. Our staff’s competency
    Encouraging the training of our human resources and the development of their expertise.
  4. Sustainable practices
    Establishing responsible practices for sustainable safety, development, health and environment.
  5. Quality and Integrity
    • Meeting the requirements of ISO9001: 2015 by continuously planning, implementing and improving quality management processes.
    • Involving staff and communicating progress in projects related to the quality management system and promoting quality in daily work.
    • Respecting and enforcing the laws and regulations applicable to our sector of activity and meeting our contractual obligations at all times.
  6. Management of risks and opportunities
    Putting in place a risk management approach to prevent possible deviations from expected results, putting in place preventive actions to limit negative effects and making the best use of opportunities when they arise.