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How should the columns be stored?

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Correct column storage is essential for proper chromatography and prolonged column lifetime.

Normal phase columns should be stored in Hexane.

Reversed phase stationary phases should be kept in a mixture of water / organic modifier (Acetonitrile/Methanol), free from any buffers or additives that might precipitate during storage. Thus it is recommended to wash the column whenever chromatography is going to be stopped for the week-end, even if the column isn’t disconnected from the system and especially for prolonged storage. A minimum of 5-10% organic content is necessary to avoid bacterial/algae growth. It is usually recommended to store RP columns in a minimum of 50-70% Methanol/Acetonitrile and water.

Detach the column from the system and use specially designed column end plugs to close both the column inlet and outlet. Columns should be stored at room temperature in their original box, with a copy of the certificate of analysis for future need and to evaluate the column prior to future use.