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What is the internal diameter of my LC tubing?

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The internal diameter of HPLC grade stainless steel tubing is identified by the color coded band on the pre cut tubing while HPLC PEEK tubing is also colored according to its internal diameter. Typical encountered colors used for 1.16” od HPLC tubing (color coded band for SS or solid color for PEEK) are:

  • Black = 0.004” ID
  • Red = 0.005” ID
  • Yellow = 0.007” ID
  • Blue/Tan = 0.010” ID
  • Orange = 0.020” ID
  • Green = 0.030” ID

Please note that these colors may differ depending on the manufacturer especially when it comes to UHPLC Stainless steel tubing. Please check with your tubing supplier/manufacturer to confirm tubing ID color coding. Please note that the UHPLC stainless steel tubing comes in precut lengths as it is virtually impossible to produce smooth, clean, bur-free cuts without the manufacturer’s precise machinery tools. As for SS in HPLC, it also becomes extremely difficult to produce, in-house, bur-free, perfect cuts especialy when using the narrower IDs (less than 0.005” ID).