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What kind of solvent would be preferred with SiliaMetS?

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SiliaMetS scavengers can safely be used in a wide range of organic and aqueous solvents commonly used in laboratory and in process, such as DMF, DMSO, THF, 2-butanone, alcohols, ethers, chlorinated solvent, etc. Exceptions are Si-Cysteine, Si-Amine, Si-Diamine and Si-Triamine which should not be used under aqueous conditions. Moreover, some are solely compatible with aprotic solvents (Si-Carbonate, Si-Isocyanate and Si-Tosyl Chloride (which is also unstable in DMF)). Finally, Si-Maleimide should only be used in polar solvents (DMF, MeOH, H2O, etc.).

As demonstrated in the graph below, the nature of the solvent can sometimes influence the scavenging efficiency. In fact, if scavenging or kinetics are too slow, changing the solvent or adding a co-solvent should be considered.

Solvents used in palladium Pd(PPh3)4 scavenging