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Solid Phase Extraction

Solid-phase extraction (SPE) is a sample preparation method where the compounds that are dissolved or suspended in a liquid mixture are separated from other compounds depending on their physical and chemical properties.

Solid-phase extraction is designed for rapid sample preparation and purification prior to chromatographic analysis. SPE is widely used in analytical laboratories for it is a crucial step in sample preparation. We know perfectly well that a cleaner sample yields better result.

The solid-Phase Extraction strategies are:

  • Retaining the analyte and washing off impurities
  • Concentrating the analyte and washing off impurities
  • Retaining impurities and eluting the analyte

What is the use of sample preparation?

Remove interferences from matrix

  • Cleaner Extract (selectivity)
  • Improved column lifetime
  • Less instrument downtime (maintenance, changing column,..)
  • Less ion suppression

Concentrate analyte of interest

  • Improved sensitivity (lower LLOQ)
  • Improved reproducibility (accuracy % Bias and precision %RSD)

Prepared samples for separation and detection

  • Solvent compatibility with mobile phase
  • Better chromatographic results (peak shape)

SiliCycle offers SPE products to meet your specific purification needs. SiliaSiliaPrep products are available in different types of SPE cartridges and well plates:

  • Bed weights from 1 mL/50 mg to 25 mL/5 g.
  • Larger bed weights are available in SiliaSep OT.

SiliaPrep cartridges are packed with fines-free SiliaFlash® silica gel sorbents or SiliaBond® chromatographic phases.

The well plates are used in high throughput combinatorial chemistry, drug discovery and screening, metabolic pharmacokinetic applications, and for automated methods such as a multiprobe approach.