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SiliaSep Flash Cartridges Open Top (OT), C18 nec (FLH-R30130B-OT)

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SiliaSep Flash Cartridges Open Top (OT), C18 nec (FLH-R30130B-OT)

Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaSep OT flash cartridges are compatible with FlashMaster instrument.

    Indicated for the purification of medium to high polarity compounds.  They provide reproducible purification without the complexity and cost of preparative HPLC.

  • Additional Information

    Array C2
    Particle Shape Irregular
    Family / Formats SiliaSep™ (Flash Cartridges)
    Particle Size 40 - 63 µm / 230 - 400 mesh
    Pore Size 60 Å
    Storage Condition Keep dry
    Endcapping Non-endcapped