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SiliaChrom® Semi-Preparative HPLC Columns dt C18

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SiliaChrom® Semi-Preparative HPLC Columns dt C18

Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaChrom® dt C18 has the same unique technology phase as SiliaChrom AQ C18, but the purity of the spherical silica gel is 99,999%, the highest value for HPLC SiliaChrom Series. This phase has no metal content, in order to avoid secondary interaction with basic or ion species. SiliaChrom dt C18 is made with a true universal reversed-phase sorbent that can be used for separation of acidic, basic and neutral molecules. It is suitable for analysis of stringent QA/QC testing because it has a superior performance than any C18 phases in almost every aspects. SiliaChrom dt C18 is an interesting environmental and pharmaceutical phases.


  • Additional Information

    Particle Shape Spherical
    Array dt Si
    Family / Formats SiliaChrom® (HPLC Columns)
    Quantity 1/box
    Endcapping Endcapped
    USP Classification L1
    Application Fields Bio-Pharma, Forensic, Pharmaceutical
    Type of Column Semi-Preparative Columns
    Chromatographic Mode Reversed Phases
    USP Code L1