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SiliaChrom® Narrow Bore HPLC Columns XT C18 Fidelity

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SiliaChrom® Narrow Bore HPLC Columns XT C18 Fidelity

Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaChrom® XT Fidelity C18 has a hybrid surface composed from a condensation of inorganic SiO2 species and an organosilane (CH3-SiO1.5). This hybrid, a more hydrophobic matrix, has an incomparable resistance to extreme high pH conditions (up to 12). The only difference between SiliaChrom XT C18 and SiliaChrom XT Fidelity C18 is the way they are packed, giving Fidelity columns more robustness at high pH and temperature.

  • Additional Information

    Array XT C18 Fidelity
    Family / Formats SiliaChrom® (HPLC Columns)
    Quantity 1/box
    Endcapping Endcapped
    USP Classification L1
    Application Fields Bio-Pharma
    Type of Column Narrow Bore Columns
    Chromatographic Mode Reversed Phases
    USP Code L1