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SiliaChrom HPLC Guard Cartridges, dt C18, 3 µm (HG141803E)

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SiliaChrom HPLC Guard Cartridges, dt C18, 3 µm (HG141803E)

Product Description


  • Details

    Adequate Guard Cartridge to use with our SiliaChrom HPLC Columns, dt C18, 3 µm.

    The Guard Cartridge must be inserted inside the metallic holder (sold separately).
    The chart below shows which guard cartridge should be used with your HPLC column:

    Guard cartridge
    internal diameter
    HPLC column
    internal diameter
    4.0 mm 4.6 mm

    > see our Guard Cartridges Holders

  • Additional Information

    Particle Shape Irregular
    Array dt C18
    Family / Formats SiliaChrom® (HPLC Columns)
    Particle Size 3 µm
    Pore Size 100 Å
    Chromatographic Mode Reversed Phases
    USP Code L1