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SiliaChrom HPLC Guard Cartridges, dt C18, 10 µm (HG141807E)

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SiliaChrom Plus HPLC Guard Cartridges, dt C18, 10 µm (HG141807E)

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Product Number Quantity Length Internal Diameter  
HG141807E-N010 4/box 10 mm 4.0 mm
HG141807E-Q010 2/box 10 mm 10 mm
HG141807E-T010 1/box 10 mm 21.2 mm
HG141807E-V010 1/box 10 mm 30 mm

Product Description


  • Details

    Adequate Guard Cartridges to use with our SiliaChrom HPLC Columns, dt C18, 10 µm.

    The Guard Cartridge must be inserted inside the metallic holder (sold separately).
    The chart below shows which guard cartridge should be used with your HPLC column:

    Guard cartridge
    internal diameter
    HPLC column
    internal diameter
    4.0 mm 4.6 mm
    10 mm 10 mm
    21.2 mm 21.2 mm
    30 mm 30 mm

    > see our Guard Cartridges Holders

  • Additional Information

    Particle Shape Irregular
    Array dt C18
    Family / Formats SiliaChrom® (HPLC Columns)
    Particle Size 10 µm
    Pore Size 100 Å
    Chromatographic Mode Reversed Phases
    USP Code L1