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SiliaChrom Plus HPLC Columns, Diol, 3 µm, 100 Å (HPL-S35003E-A)

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SiliaChrom Plus HPLC Columns, Diol, 3 µm, 100 Å (HPL-S35003E-A)

Product Description


  • Details

    SiliaChrom Plus Diol columns are ideal for difficult separations of low to medium polarity samples. They can be used for sugars analysis (carbohydrates, glycosides and oligosaccharides) and vitamins analysis. SiliaChrom Plus Diol columns are also compatible with HILIC mode (Hydrophilic Interaction LIquid Chromatography).

    We guarantee:

    • Ultra pure metal-free silica (99.9999 % purity)
    • High column performance and resolution
    • Enhanced batch-to-batch reproducibility
    • Extended column lifetime
    • Reduced silanol activity, better peak symmetry
    • Extremely low bleeding for LC/MS applications
    • Easy scale-up to preparative formats
  • Additional Information

    Particle Shape Irregular
    Array Diol
    Family / Formats SiliaChrom® (HPLC Columns)
    Particle Size 3 µm
    Pore Size 100 Å
    Chromatographic Mode Normal Phases
    USP Code L20