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in silica Improve your high-value ingredients

  • extended release of perfumes & actives
  • stabilization of sensitive actives
  • suitable for novel formulations


How to improve a high-value ingredient

1. You provide the ingredient or mixture

2. SiliCycle adapts the process according to your purposes and specifications, and generates optimal sphere-shaped composite material (1 to 100 microns spheres loaded with up to 75 % of ingredient).

3. Your ingredient, sequestered in silica microspheres is promptly shipped to you, along with characterization data.

4. The improved ingredient is yours, ready to be tested, formulated and commercialized.

The micron-sized particles show a neat, spherical morphology, without nano debris.
The ingredient creates its own three-dimensional pore network during emulsion.
The end-of-process composite material is a fine and silky powder. Other ready-to-formulate forms available on demand.


Selected Attributes

in silica can improve hydrophobic and hydrophilic sensitive ingredients, volatiles, essential oils, synthetic fragrances with the following benefits:

  • protection against degradation
  • slow release for increased safety and efficiency (progressive desorption, indirect contact)
  • flexibility in formulation of unstable, oxidable or viscous ingredients (incorporating lipophilic actives in aqueous formulations)
  • modulated desorption for novel olfactory experiences (variation in duration, intensity and desorption order)
  • ingredient’s integrity (no heating involved)
  • cost-efficiency gains (less material for desired activity level)
in silica is:
  • Silica-made
  • Porous microspheres
  • Ingredient sequestered during synthesis
  • Environment-friendly
in silica is not:
  • Polymer
  • Core-shell capsules
  • Impregnation
  • Regulatory banned
  • Nanoparticle

The in silica Process


Main Attributes of in silica

Stability of sensitive compounds

Degradation kinetics: Rétinol véritable™, hydrophilic silica sequestering retinol, oil, tocopherols and ascorbyle palmitate

Modulated liberation of compound

Modulation of the liberation kinetics in the destination environment (here, a hydrophilic compound in water)

Integrity of cargo

Modulation of the liberation kinetics in the destination environment (here, a hydrophilic compound in water)

Slow release of compound

Significantly delay in the release of a volatile compound (here, an essential oil exposed to air at ambient temperature)

Chemical versatility

Compounds from a wide range of chemical families can be sequestered

Multiple uses

Hydrophobic and hydrophillic compounds for numerous product classes can be sequestered:

  • Vitamins
  • Fragrances
  • Vegetal natural oils
  • Cooling agents (ex: menthol)
  • Dyes
  • Essential Oils
  • Perfumes
  • Animal natural oils
  • Heating agents (ex: capsaicin)
  • Sunscreens


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