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in silica - improving your cosmetic ingredient
Your Ingredient, Just Better
in silica Technologies


How to improve a high-value ingredient

in silica microspheres seen through optical microscope
in silica microspheres seen through optical microscope
in silica serves the ingredients that need better efficacy, safety and cost/benefit ratio.

The technology associates your high-value ingredient with scientifically selected silicas to form versatile micron-sized spherical particles.

The resulting composite material grants increased stability, controlled release, easier formulability and proprietary competitive advantages to your original volatile or active.

in silica aims to enable breakthrough cosmetics, perfumes and drugs.


A glimpse into the (secret) in silica process

  • You provide the ingredient or mixture.
  • SiliCycle adapts the process according to your purpose and specifications and generates optimal sphere-shaped composite material (surface polarity, pore size, particle size, load etc.)
  • Your ingredient, sequestered in silica microspheres is promptly shipped to you, along with characterization data.
  • The improved ingredient is yours to be tested, formulated, commercialized.

how in silica™ improves your cosmetic ingredients


Selected Attributes

in silica
  • Silica-made
  • Porous microspheres
  • Ingredient sequestered during syntheses
  • Environment-friendly
  • 1 to 100 microns spheres loaded with up to 75% of ingredient
is not:
  • Polymer
  • Core-shell capsules
  • Impregnation
  • Regulatory banned
  • Nanoparticle

in silica can improve sensitive ingredients, volatiles, essential oils, synthetic fragrances, vitamins and other hydrophobic actives (ex : retinol) with:

  • protection against degradation ;
  • slow release for increased safety and efficacy (progressive desorption, indirect contact) ;
  • flexibility in formulation of unstable, oxidable or viscous ingredients (incorporating lipophilic actives in aqueous formulations) ;
  • modulated desorption for novel olfactory experiences (variation in duration, intensity and desorption order) ;
  • ingredient's integrity (no heating involved) ;
  • cost-efficiency gains (less material for desired activity level) ;
  • regulation-compatible material, process and products.


Have a look

Silica microspheres seen through scanning electron microscope
Scanning Electron Microscope

The micron-sized particles show a neat, spherical morphology, without nano debris.

Silica microspheres seen through pptical microscope
Optical microscope

The ingredient creates its own three-dimensional pore network during emulsion.

Silica microspheres as powder

The end-of-process composite material is a fine and silky powder. Other ready-to-formulate forms available on demand.


Degradation Kinetics - Retinol

Degradation Kinetics (air, light & ambiant temperature)

Retinol degradation kinetics (air, light and ambiant temperature)


Degradation Kinetics (air, light & 40° Celcius))

Retinol degradation kinetics (air, light and 40 degrees celsius)


* Rétinol véritable is a novel ingredient of SiliCycle.
For any information, contact


Desorption Kinetics - Essential Oil

Comparaison of D-Limonene free (HEEN) vs sequestered in in silica microspheres shows that desorption kinetics slowed down with in silica Technologies ; nearly 40% more of D-Limonene in the sequestrated oil.

Desorption kinetics of essential oil


Surface Polarity Control

The external surface can be optimized to create particles with a high or low dispersibility in water following the application needs.

Option 1 : Internal surface hydrophobic / external surface hydrophobic

Option 2 : Internal surface hydrophobic / external surface hydrophilic (see pictures)

Blue coloration of the essential oil sequestrated in the microspheres :

Excellent dispersion in water
Filtration on 0,22 μm filter
Clear water
No release in the water phase


Integrity of Composition

Variable Volatility

1. A complex mixture of volatile terpenes (Black Spruce essential oil - HEEN) is sequestered in in silica particles.

2. The presence of twelve compounds was studied. The complex mixture is entirely sequestered in silica particles.


Multiple Chemical Groups

1. A homemade mixture of highly-different compounds is sequestered in in silica particles.

Compound Family Vapor pressure at 20°C in mmHg
1,8 cineolether1.65
Alpha pineneterpene3


2. The complex ingredient is entirely sequestered in silica particles.