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SiliCycle's CRO / CMO / Pharma Solutions

With its cutting-edge chemical plant, flexible production processes and long experience in partnerships, SiliCycle is your best choice for research and manufacturing outsourcing.

Drug Discovery

SiliCycle is a recognized industry leader of innovative purification and synthesis methods for more efficiency in drug discovery.

Our products are particularly well suited for drug discovery chemists that perform amide couplings, reductive aminations, metal mediated couplings, etc., on a daily basis. Our supported reagents SiliaBond greatly simplify the reaction and work-up process, enabling chemists to run more reactions and generate more compounds. Furthermore, we have a whole range of SiliaSep flash cartridges and SiliaPlate TLC plates to assist chemists in the purification of these compounds.

We are your number 1 metal removal solution provider with our SiliaMetS line, and your partner of choice for your synthesis, heterogeneous catalysis, analysis and all of your purification requirements.

We commit ourselves to offer you best quality products accompanied by expert technical support at a competitive price!


Drug Development

SiliCycle designs, develops and manufactures innovative products for world class pharmaceutical companies with gram to multi-ton production capabilities.

For large scale purifications, our state-of-the-art facility allows us to produce high quality chromatographic phases in large batches to supply the most demanding applications. We also produce large amounts of SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers for the selective removal of spent metal catalysts traces from active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). These ligands bound to silica gel, in SiliaFlash bulk or in SiliaSep cartridge formats, are especially designed to remove metal traces down to single digit ppm levels fast and reproducibly. A simple filtration is then performed to get rid of the silica scavenger with the metals entrapped.

We produce high quality SiliaBond chromatographic phases for any separation project, large or small. We can supply large quantities of normal, reversed, and ion-exchange phases that will give you the best performance at a competitive price.


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