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Membrane Filters

Membrane Filters

Advantages of using SiliCycle Membrane Filters for your filtrations:

  • Broad portfolio to covert all purification needs: 25 mm & 47 mm diameter available in 0.20 µm & 0.45 µm pore size.
  • Many choices of membrane types to suit all fields of applications.


Fast and Cost Effective Separations with SiliCycle Membrane Filters

Membrane filters consist in a microporous films having a specific porosity which can be used to retain components (particles and microorganisms) with larger pore size compared to the membrane. Table below presents an overview of SiliCycle Membrane Filters specifications and typical applications.

SiliCycle Membrane Filters Overview
Characteristics Nylon Polytetra-fluoroethylene
Polyvinylidene Fluoride


Regenerated Cellulose
Membrane Specifications
Hydrophilic / Hydrophobic Hydrophilic Hydrophobic* Hydrophilic Hydrophilic Hydrophilic
Extractable level
Extremely low
Low Low Low
Membrane Specifications
Chemical resistance
Very good
Higher resistance
Good Lower resistance Good
pH stability range
3 - 12
1 - 14
1 - 14 1 - 14 3 - 12
Yes Yes Yes
Protein binding capacity
Very low Medium Very low
Typical Applications: Sample Preparation prior to...
GC analysis
- Alternative Alternative
HPLC analysis
- - -
ICP-MS or AAS analysis Preferred - - Preferred Alternative
Ion chromatography - - - Preferred -
Typical Applications: Solvent Filtration & Sterilization of...
Agressive solutions Alternative Preferred - - Alternative
Aqueous solutions Preferred - - - Alternative
Organic solutions Preferred - - - Alternative
Typical Applications: Filtration & Sterilization for...
Biomolecules analysis Alternative - Preferred Preferred Alternative
Clinical & forensic analysis - - - Preferred Alternative
Environmental analysis Preferred Preferred - - Alternative
Food & beverage analysis Preferred Preferred - - Alternative
Venting Applications - Preferred - - -
* Hydrophilic character in presence of alcohol and water.

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