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silicycle syringe filter

Syringe Filters

Using SiliCycle Syringe Filters guarantees the following benefits:

  • Suitable for all laboratory filtrations.
  • Increases column and apparatus life.
  • Consistent and reproducible analysis.
  • Limits system down time.

SiliCycle Syringe Filters Are Suitable for your Laboratory Filtration Needs

Syringe filters are offered by SiliCycle to help scientists with their laboratory filtration needs. They are compatible either with aqueous, organic or inorganic solutions. SiliCycle Syringe Filters are available in a wide variety of membranes (Nylon, PTFE, PVDF, PES, and RC) with popypropylene housing. They are the perfect choice for many applications in the fields of environmental, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, forensic and food & beverage laboratories.

SiliCycle Syringe Filters are specially designed to offer efficient and superior flow rate for any type of solution. These high quality products provide you with optimal filtration and particulate-free samples prior to injection. This extends apparatus lifetime which decreases overall analysis cost.

syringe filter

A: Identification
Membrane type and pore size are clearly indentified on each syringe filter.

B: Luer-Lok™ female connector
Secures the connections to prevent «blow off».

C: Distribution ring
Generates even distribution of the flow rate during the elution.

D: Luer male connector
Can be easily connected to an automated system.


Field of Applications

Environmental analysis of water, waste water, soil and sludge can be easily filtered using the SiliCycle Syringe Filter portfolio.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnological
At each step of the drug discovery process, API or target compounds have to be isolated, purified and filtered prior to analysis. SiliCycle Syringe Filters achieve easy purification of complex physiological matrices.

Elimination of particulates before injection to a sub-micron device is necessary prior to each clinical or toxicological analysis (HPLC, GC or Mass Spectrometer).

Food & beverage
Improving the detection limits for pesticides, herbicides, flavours and fragrances analysis requires high quality syringe filter products because of the presence of different types of particulates in the samples.


Typical Experimental Procedure


Fill the syringe with the liquid sample and allow a small volume of air to enter the Syringe. This small volume of air is used as a purge to minimize fluid retention when expelling the liquid sample from the syringe.


Twist the SiliCycle Syringe Filter Luer-Lok™ onto the syringe. Make sure that the Luer-Lok™ is matching with the syringe to prevent the filter from coming off during the filtration.


Direct the SiliCycle Syringe Filter tip into the collection vessel and apply gentle pressure onto the syringe plunger. Push the liquid sample and the air volume through the SiliCycle Syringe Filter to maximize
sample recovery.

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