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Vials & Caps

SiliCycle - Vials & Caps

Using SiliCycle Vials & Caps ensures the following benefits:

  • Compatible with most autosamplers.
  • Tight seal each and every time.
  • Affordable price and excellent quality.


SiliCycle Vials & Caps Are Adapted to your Sample Requirements

Vials & Caps are new consumables that SiliCycle now offers to help customers with their day-to-day sample handling needs. SiliCycle Vials & Caps are compatible with most autosampler systems. They respect general characteristics offering the right product with optimal results. These characteristics are; sample volume, volatility, stability, chemical compatibility, and the type of autosampler (robotic specifications).

Type of Glass: Amber Glass

SiliCycle uses USP Type 1 glass with an expension coefficient of 51. The amber glass protects the sample from light.

Type of Closure: Screw-Top Vial

This type of vial is the universal and most used vial. Users need simply to screw the cap to seal the septum between the cap and the glass rim. No tool is required.

SiliCycle Snap-Top Vials and Snap Caps

SiliCycle snap-top vials and caps are designed to rapidly seal sample prior to analysis. Because the snap sealing technology is less secure than the screw and the crimp technology, it is highly recommended to use these vials for short time storage and/or for low volatile samples. Snap-top vials are compatible with almost all autosamplers including autosamplers with robotic arms.

SiliCycle Screw-Top Vials and Screw Caps

SiliCycle screw-top vials and caps are developed to be easily reusable. No tools are required to securely seal the sample comparatively to crimp-top vials and caps. Screw-top technology provides low evaporation and rapid alternative for volatile sample storage and/or analysis. Screw-top vials are compatible with almost all autosamplers available on the market.