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E-PAK Pilot Scale Cartridges

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E-PAK pilot scale cartridges provide rapid processing for volumes from 10 to hundreds of liters, and are a convenient way for confirming scale-up considerations and/or producing kilo quantities of API’s and intermediates.

Available dimensions:

16.5 x 12.5 cm 16.5 x 25 cm

E-PAK cartridges are offered with 3 types of sorbents:

  • SiliaFlash irregular silica gels (in 3 particle size ranges: 40 - 63 µm ; 60 - 200 µm & 200 - 500 µm)
  • Metal Scavengers: SiliaMetS Thiol & SiliaMetS DMT
  • Activated Carbons (C941, C-947 & C948)