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SiliaMetS Metal Scavenger Acting as Strong Metal Chelators

What are scavengers?

Scavengers are functionalized silica gels designed to react and bind excess reagents, metal complexes and/or by-products, as shown in the scheme below.
SiliCycle's metal scavengers are named SiliaMetS.

metal scavenging scheme

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SiliaMetS for E-PAK cartridges

Over 13 SiliaMetS showing various affinities for more than 30 different metals are available at SiliCycle.
As a first step, our 2 blockbuster scavengers are available in E-PAK flow-through cartridges: SiliaMetS Thiol and SiliaMetS DMT.

SiliaMetS Thiol SiliaMetS DMT
Best scavenger for:
Ag, Hg, Os, Pd & Ru Ir, Ni, Os, Pd, Pt, Rh & Ru
Good scavenger for:
Cu, Ir, Pb, Rh & Sn Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Sc & Zn

> learn more about SiliaMetS Thiol
> learn more about SiliaMetS DMT


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