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SiliaBond ® Electrophile Scavengers

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In order to simplify the removal of electrophile impurities from reaction mixtures, SiliCycle has developed a range of silica bound Electrophile scavengers.

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  1. SiliaBond Amine (WAX) (R52030B)

    SiliaBond Amine (WAX) (R52030B)

    SiliaBond Amine (Si-NH2) is an effective scavenger of acid chlorides, sulfonyl chlorides, isocyanates and other electrophiles. Si-NH2 has been shown to be effective metal scavenger and catalyst for Knoevenagel reactions. SiliaBond Amine is also used in chromatography as normal phase sorbent.
  2. SiliaBond Diol nec (R35030B)

    SiliaBond Diol nec (R35030B)

    SiliaBond Diol may also be used as polar sorbent in normal phase and aqueous size exclustion chromatography. Like bare silica, SiliaBond Diol has the ability to form hydrogen bonds and the capacity to separate structural isomers. Since most of its surface is covered with organic functions, the SiliaBond Diol absorbs less water, which leads to a more reproducible activity. It is also the sorbent of choice when working in normal phase in the presence of water.
  3. SiliaMetS Diamine (R49030B)

    SiliaMetS Diamine (R49030B)

    SiliaMetS is a proven scavenger for metals and electrophiles. It scavenges acids, acid chlorides, anhydrides, aldehydes, isocyanates, and chloroformates. Best metal scavenger for: Cr, Pd, Pt, W & Zn. Good scavenger for: Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Hg, Ni, Pb, Ru, Sc, Se & V.
  4. SiliaBond DMAP (R75630B)

    SiliaBond DMAP (R75630B)

    SiliaBond DMAP (Si-DMAP) is the supported equivalent of 4-dimethylaminopyridine commonly used as a nucleophilic catalyst in a wide variety of reactions such as acylation, amidation or acetylation.
  5. SiliaBond Piperazine (R60030B)

    SiliaBond Piperazine (PPZ) (R60030B)

    SiliaBond Piperazine (Si-PPZ) is a useful deprotecting and scavenging agent for Fmoc and Bsmoc amino protecting groups and as a solid-phase Knoevenagel catalyst. According to the results of a study, Si-PPZ is superior to its polystyrene-based equivalent. SiliaBond Piperazine may also be used to scavenge electrophiles.
  6. SiliaMetS Triamine metal scavenger (R48030B)

    SiliaMetS Triamine (R48030B)

    Effective for scavenging metals such as Pb, Co, Ru and Pd. Our screening studies have shown it to be the preferred scavenger for Pb. It can also be used as a scavenger for acid chlorides, isocyanates and other electrophiles.

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