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SiliaBond ® Nucleophile Scavengers

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In order to simplify the removal of nucleophile impurities from reaction mixtures, SiliCycle has developed a range of silica bound nucleophile scavengers.

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  1. SiliaBond Carbamate (CAR) (R50130B)

    SiliaBond Carbamate (CAR) (R50130B)

    SiliaBond® Carbamate (CAR) is a versatile scavenger for nucleophiles. It readily scavenges amines, thiols, thiolates, alcohols, alkoxides, and acidic phenols. Loading is determined by the removal of benzylamine in hexane at room temperature.

  2. SiliaBond Maleimide (MAL) (R71030B)

    SiliaBond Maleimide (MAL) (R71030B)

    SiliaBond® Maleimide (Si-MAL) has been designed to scavenge thiols. 90% of mercaptoethanol was removed with 4 eq. after 15 minutes in an aqueous environment. Complete scavenging was observed after 3 hours. SiliaBond Maleimide can also be used to immobilize peptides and proteins through the cysteine residues. 95% of L-cysteine was immobilized after only 15 minutes in a pH 4.5 buffered solution using 4 eq. of SiliaBond Maleimide.

  3. SiliaBond Tosyl Chloride (R44030B)

    SiliaBond Tosyl Chloride (TsCl) (R44030B)

    SiliaBond (Si-TsCl) readily reacts with nucleophiles such as amines and alcohols. Reaction with alcohols yields the bound tosylate, which can then be used to synthesize amines and oxazolines.
  4. SiliaMetS Triamine metal scavenger (R48030B)

    SiliaMetS Triamine (R48030B)

    Effective for scavenging metals such as Pb, Co, Ru and Pd. Our screening studies have shown it to be the preferred scavenger for Pb. It can also be used as a scavenger for acid chlorides, isocyanates and other electrophiles.
  5. SiliaBond Nucleophile Complete Scavenger Kit (K32630B), includes the following products: Carbonate ; Carbamate ; Maleimide & Tosyl Chloride

    SiliaBond Nucleophile Complete Scavengers Kit (K32630B)

    Includes: Carbonate ; Carbamate ; Maleimide ; Tosyl Chloride

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