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SiliCycle Low Pressure Chromatography Products

Silica and chromatography have been our business for over 2 decades! SiliCycle offers bulk irregular and spherical PC bare silica gels, bulk grafted chromatographic phases, TLC plates and Flash cartridges.


SiliaFlash Irregular Silica Gels

With pore diameters ranging from 40 to 150 Å and particle sizes from 5 to 1,000 microns, SiliCycle offers products to meet all your application requirements. This is one of the most reliable portfolios for flash and gravity grades.

Our silica gels are ideal for both analytical and preparative chromatography, from laboratory to pilot-plant processes and production scales.

SiliaFlash - Now Exempt of Fines

In chromatography, fine particles increase backpressure and can result in clogging which is particularly dangerous when using glass columns. Fines can also pass through filters and contaminate final products. The lack of fines gives a more regular, stable, and reproducible chromatography bed and a faster and more even flow rate for better separation.

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SiliaSphere PC Bulk Spherical Silica Gels for Preparative Chromatography

Cost is very important in preparative and process chromatography, and the use of spherical particles with narrow particle size distribution is very expensive. It is possible in this case to use irregular or angular silica but the separation may not provide the desired results. For these situations, SiliCycle has developed a second class of spherical silica particles, SiliaSphere PC, with larger particle sizes up to 200µm.

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SiliaPlate TLC Plates

Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is a quick, simple and inexpensive analytical technique frequently used in various laboratories as it is one of the most versatile and inexpensive analytical technique prior to flash or HPLC analysis.

Like any chromatography, TLC is a solid-liquid partitioning technique, in which the sample is applied to the plate as a small spot near the base of the plate. The moving liquid phase is then allowed to ascend the plate, causing the sample to partition between the moving and stationary phase.

Our extraordinary silica layer hardness combined to a homogeneous coating and layer thickness allow excellent separation and truly set us apart from competition.

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SiliaBond® Chromatographic Phases

Silica is the most widely used matrix in chromatography. These bare and grafted supports possess great properties for use as stationary phases and are particularly appreciated for their high mechanical resistance. SiliaBond bulk irregular silica gels are available with a large variety of selectivity in reversed-phases, normal phases and ion exchange phases.

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SiliaSep Flash Cartridges

Today, various manufacturers offer pre-packed flash cartridges, but performance and quality varies. SiliCycle supplies pre-packed columns offered under the brand name of SiliaSep Flash Cartridges. SiliaSep offers superior performances over competitive cartridges. They are available in two silica gel grades (40-63 & 15-40 microns) and with various functionalities (reversed & normal phases, ion exchangers and metal scavengers) to meet any purification demand.

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