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Metal Scavengers - SiliaMetS®

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SiliaMetS metal scavenger

Metallic impurities removal, under all formats (bulk, prepacked, flow), at any scale (from lab to production)


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What are SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers?

SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers are functionalized silica gels designed to react and bind metal complexes. The process for using scavengers is outlined in the scheme

To be effective, the Metal Scavengers need the ability and inherent functionality to remove metals in their various oxidation states from the reaction mixture. For example, upon completion of a palladium metal-catalyzed reaction, the metal residue contained in the reaction can exist in both Pd(0) and Pd(II).

What is a Metal Scavenger


Features & Benefits

  • No leaching
    No API contamination by the metal scavenger
  • Very High Purity
    Each SiliaMetS product manufactured is submitted to a very rigorous quality control in order to provide customers with default-free products and insure 100% satisfaction
  • High Selectivity
    Total recovery of the API
  • Wide Range of Metal Affinities (various oxidation state)
    Efficient for a wide range of metal catalysts
  • Fast Kinetic
    Even at room temperature
  • Cost Efficient
    Low cost per gram of metal scavenged
    Less solvent used
  • Solvent Compatibility
    Can be used in any solvent, aqueous (pH 2 to 12) and organic
  • New Technologies Compatibility
    Suitable for use in microwave synthesizers and flow chemistry
  • Excellent Stability (Thermally and Mechanically)
    Works well with overhead stirring
    Can withstand very high temperatures
  • Ease of Use & Scalable
    No swelling or static charge
    Remove easily from a simple filtration
    Scalable from mg up to multi-ton scale
  • Flexible Formats
    Amenable to use in SiliaSep & SiliaPrep Cartridges
  • Controlled Loading
    Consistent and accurate loading insure lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Available at Bulk Quantities
    Proced in large quantities and always in stock


SiliaMetS for Metal Removal

In recent years, the time pressure associated with quickly bringing candidate drugs to market has increased the number of transition metal-catalyzed reactions being transferred from lead optimization to early scale-up. The removal of post-reactions metal residues has become a major issue in the pharmaceutical industry. Purification of APIs from residual metal catalyst by traditional methods (chromatography, activated carbon, distillation, etc.) often leads to problems such as high costs, time loss, low efficiency, and reduced API yields. To overcome these limitations, SiliCycle has developed SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers, a range of products that have significantly changed how chemists can purify APIs.

Silica-based metal scavengers have been proven to be the purification method of choice over all other methods and several companies from various industries use them. Take a look at our Case Studies to read about satisfied customers. With the silica matrix advantages over polymers (no swelling, more general solvent compatibility, higher mechanical and thermal stabilities, applications easily scalables and products available in different formats (SPE, flash cartridges and bulk), etc.) combined to SiliCycle's expertise in grafting technology, SiliaMetS are the solution for metal removal without contamination of drug candidates. SiliaMetS are highly selective and offer a cost-effective alternative for metal scavenging.


Compatibility with New Technologies

SiliaMetS in flow chemistry

Metal scavenging can also be achieved using SiliaMetS in flow chemistry applications. Simply place SiliaMetS inside solid-phase reactors coming with the flow system (like Syrris Asia® Solid Phase Chemistry Reactors) and let flow the solution to be purified inside these reactors. Multiple reactors can be placed in series and reactors can be heated to obtain optimum scavenging conditions.

SiliCycle also offers SiliaMetS E-PAK radial fixed-bed cartridges for flow metal purification.

SiliaMetS in microwave

Metal removal using SiliaMetS can also be used under microwave irradiation to provide excellent scavenging efficiency in a few minutes. Simply mix the scavenger and the API dissolved in a suitable solvent inside a microwave tube and set-up the system with the appropriate parameters. Usually, 5 minutes is enough to scavenge all residual metals.


Regulatory Information

For many years, SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers are used on pilot plan by GMP pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and fine chemical industries as well as contract research and manufacturing organizations. They have run their own analysis proving SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers can safely be used without compromising the purity of the material by leaching of the silica-supported product.

Thus, SiliCycle is committed to high quality standards and always wants to provide default free products. In doing so, all products are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 compliant facility and submitted to a stringent quality control. Every lot needs to meet the quality specifications to be released and a sample from every batch is kept for subsequent analysis.

Need specific regulatory files? SiliCycle can work with you to fill your requirements and provide you custom regulatory documentations that will include specific analytical tests in line with your needs.


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